Robot Food Tech UK Ltd

ROBOT FOOD TECHNOLOGIES is one of the leading manufacturers of servo and robot controlled

  • filling machines
  • sealing machines
  • food assembly lines and
  • final packaging machines

for the food and cosmetic industry, example:

  1. Convenience food products such as:
  • ready meals
  • soups
  • sandwiches
  • pizza
  • mayonnaise salads
  • pasta and snack salads
  • green leaf salads
  • vinaigrette salads
  • gateaux and birthday cakes.
  1. Dairy products such as:
  • butter
  • butter spread
  • cream
  • cream cheese
  • desserts
  • margarine
  • quark
  • processed cheese
  • yoghurt etc.
  1. Cosmetic products such as:
  • cosmetic cream
  • lotion
  • hair colours.

ROBOT FOOD TECHNOLOGIES has a competent team with decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of packaging machines

Low Ridge Jarman Road Sutton Surrey SK11 0HJ United Kingdom

01260 253920