Rock Solid Promotions Ltd


If you are looking for a company to build an exhibition stand for you anywhere in the UK then you have come to the right place.

Low Prices Compared to Bespoke Stands

If you have a budget of between £3,000 and £5,500 then you can hire our Rock Solid stand for the duration of your next show including Graphics and Installation.

Unique, Seamless back walls - any width - no gaps.

Our SEAMLESS back wall graphics are a unique feature of the Rock Solid stand and stretch the entire width of your display.

Exhibition Hire Costs

So how much are you likely to pay for Rock Solid stand for your stand space? Simply multiply your stand space by £230 plus vat and that's it!


We cap our costs for all of our exhibition stand packages at £5,500 plus vat installed with graphics anywhere in the UK.


Call 01483 563646 and speak to Steve for more details.

Examples of sizes and costs

If you have a space that measures 4m x 3m then multiply £230 by 12 and all you will pay is £2,760 plus vat for the stand for the duration of the show.

Exhibition Stands

If your stand space is 6m x 3m then multiply £230 by 18 and all you will pay is £4,140 plus vat for the stand for the duration of the show.


Our prices start at £2,760 and we cap our costs at £5,500 so you will never pay more than that regardless of how large yor stand happens to be or where the exhibition is taking place in the UK.

Call 01483 563646 for more details

Great news if your stand space is larger

And It gets better! If your stand is over 24 square metres then you will never pay more than £5,500 plus vat, even if your stand is 12 metres x 5 metres!

Our all inclusive exhibition stand package

1. Premium quality back and side wall graphic production from your artwork – 3m high x any width.

2. A choice of black or white upright infills and crossbeams containing your company name and web address.

3. A 30 mm raised exhibition floor providing a professional image and hiding any cables and wires away underneath for aesthetic and health & safety reasons.

4. A choice of wood effect floor vinyl coverings to your entire floor space.

5. Powerful overhead lighting creating a bright, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

6. A large, lockable ‘D’ shaped reception counter with plenty of storage space inside.

7. An A4 brochure rack.

8. A bar table and two bar stools.

9. Transportation to and from the following exhibition venues; NEC, Olympia, Earls Court, ExCel (other venues may incur additional charges).

10. Stand install and dismantling of the stand by our in-house installations team.

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