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We manufacture a comprehensive selection of fire retardant, non-burning polyurethane and melamine foams and products, which meet FMVSS302, UL94 HF1 and Class O (Black Pyrosorb, Fireseal and Basotect) standards. Our class O foam can be manufactured with a variety of ADM backings, sizes and densities.

These include:


  • Building and construction
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Machinery such as compressors and generators
  • Furniture
  • Bedding


Class O foams have been widely adopted in the building industry where high performance acoustic foams are required with superior sound absorbing and non-flammable properties.

Medical Foams

Developing, processing and manufacturing foams for medical applications is a specialised field as there are many factors to consider - including performance, bio-compatibility, sterilisation and skin irritation.

We produce medical foams for a wide range of medical uses.

These include:


  • Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME)
  • Wound dressings
  • Surgical aids
  • Medical supports and devices
  • Clean room swabs and wipes
  • Hydrophilic foams, sponges and surgical pads
Medical Foams

Sports and Leisure

Because PE foams can be moulded at high temperatures, the applications for polyethylene foams within the sports and leisure industry are truly vast. From sports and yoga mats through footwear and protective clothing for contact sports to floatation equipment and buoyancy aids.

Boat - Caravan - Motorhome Cushions

Cut to shape and size

We offer a comprehensive selection of foam types and densities. In general, a soft feel will compress significantly, a medium feel will compress moderately and a firm feel will compress lightly.

Reticulated Foams

Reticulated foams are a specialised type of polyurethane foam that has been developed for applications where cell size, density and porosity levels are key factors. Produced by blowing the cells open to create materials with a consistent and exact cell size, while enabling a wide range of design options, reticulated foams are the material of choice for precise applications such as filters.

As a producer of reticulated foam products, we supply a wide selection of products developed for specific filter applications.

These cover:

  • Air filter foam
  • Water filter foam
  • Ceramic filter foam
  • Engine filters
Reticulated Foams

Memory Foams

Memory foam is a sophisticated product that consistently recovers its original shape following compression.

Developed by NASA under the brand name Confor foam in the 1980s, it was then launched into the wider market in the 1990s, when it was known as visco-elastic foam. It is now widely recognised as memory foam, which is primarily used in mattresses and cushions.

Memory Foams

PVC Foams

Created by combining different polymers to produce materials with unique properties, polyvinyl (PVC) foams are widely used in applications where closed cell foam solutions that are moisture, temperature and solvent resistant are required.

These predominantly cover industrial applications such as weather, dust and moisture seals, and insulation and filtration systems, as well as a wide range of stationery products such as ring binders and mouse pads.

We manufacture finished goods in three main types of PVC, which are:

  • Quick recovery foams - where the material immediately recovers after compression
  • Slow recovery PVC foams - ideal for filling irregular surfaces
  • Extra Sticking grades - often used between sheets of glass to prevent breakage during transportation

Many companies only offer PVC foams in the most common colour, black, but we also do blue and red colours so that we can satisfy every customer.

PVC Foams

Compressed Foams

Compressed foams are specialised materials, which are produced by compacting reticulated polyurethane foam through a series of thermal forming processes to create denser materials with a uniform and exact cell size.


These unique characteristics offer specific benefits in applications where precise absorption and distribution are paramount and as a result the major use of compressed foams is in ink cartridges, rollers, pads and stamps, where accurate ink handling and distribution are vital.

Compressed foams are not simply standard foams, which have been made smaller. They are precision-engineered products that have been developed to offer specific benefits in ink and liquid handling applications. These benefits include:

  • Homogenous cell size and 100% open-cell uniform porosity - to ensure even distribution of inks and liquids
  • Narrow tolerance limits in thickness to weight ratios
  • Superior void volume - to enable the optimum volume of ink or liquid to be stored
  • Non-linting - for perfect printing every time
  • Using both polyether and polyester reticulated materials we supply foams in a wide range of densities, air permeability levels, hardness and tensile and laminar strengths.
Compressed Foams

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