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Here at Roder HTS Hocker, we specialise in the supply of stylish pogoda structures in a broad range of sizes. Our pagoda structures are easy to assemble and will enhance the visual impact of any event. Our pagodas are available with optional glass or solid walling doors over, head canopies, integrated flooring systems and linings.

Party Tents

Our impressive party tents have been developed as ideal marquees, suitable for a variety of events. Our party tents are easy to store, handle and transport. We have a comprehensive selection of different shapes sizes and designs to choose from.

Large Event Tents

We stock a fantastic selection of large event marquee structures. Our large tents are manufactured from high quality European sourced raw materials includes high grade galvanised steel and aluminium.  Our Large Event marquee structures provide unlimited solutions for all types of large-scale temporary structure applications in the utmost comfort and style.  We provide a variety of affordable event structures with a variety of accessories including ABS walling, glass walling, insulated walls, and overhead door canopies.  

Hoecker P-Series Structures

Our first-class Hoeker P-series structures provide so much more than a roof over your head. Our durable Hoecker P-series structures provide endless style, size and practical configurations. They are fast and easy to assemble and are built with the end user in mind.

Hoecker F-Series Structures

We provide Hoecker F-series structures in a variety of shapes, colours and designs. Our high quality Hoecker F-series structures are built to perfection and built to last.

Multi Level Structures

We supply state of the art  multi level structures with curved and semi curved frames. We can produce multi level structures in most sizes to create spectator balcony space, ideal for horse racing events, golfing, and tennis events. We supply upper and lower level flooring to suit your requirements.

Business and Industrial Buildings

Our innovative business and industrial building structures create instant spaces for exhibitions, automotive showrooms, the military, and leisure sectors. They can be taken down and relocated with minimal disruption. We have a fantastic collection of canopy non-insulated and steel roofing solutions. Our cost-effective business and industrial building structures are available with an assortment of accessories including personnel doors, roller shutter doors, HV/AC lighting, and power distribution.

Rapid Deployment Shelters

We pride ourselves in being one of  the industry leaders in design and manufacturer of affordable rapid deployment shelters. Our high quality rapid deployment shelters are used by military, government, humanitarian aid relief sectors. We provide a series of different sized temporary and semi permanent cover for aircraft hangars, workshops, warehousing, kitchen and dining, and storage.

Sports Structures

We provide a variety of temporary and permanent modular building sports structures in a variety of designs. Our sports structures have been designed to enable sport to continue through out the year whatever the weather. Our sports structures are available in a number of options including non insulated and fully insulated. Our designs have life span of over 20 years and can be easily relocated due to easy assembly.

Compatible Structure Systems

We provide a complete range of compatible structure systems, fully engineered and structurally indistinguishable from there competitive counter parts. Our compatible structure systems are competitively priced from the package to delivery.

Custom Designed Structures

We specialise in custom designed structures to meet your individual requirements. We provide custom designed structures, working from the initial drawings through to production and shipping. We maintain close working relationships with clients to understand all aspects of the project.

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