Rodin Group

The Rodin Group has been promoting a range of water treatment and water conservation products since 1992.

Products are designed:

  • for use in commercial and industrial markets
  • address environmental issues in relation to water consumption and water treatment
  • reduce costs associated with water consumption and energy

Rodin also promote products that cater for the needs of an ageing population both within the commercial care home environment and at home.

Main products are:

  • Scale-Buster physical water conditioner designed to inhibit scale developing and remove scale already within a system, together with providing corrosion protection.
  • Rodin Titanium AOP is a water sterilisation system designed to destroy Legionella and harmful organisms while preventing the formation of bio-films.
  • Ultrodin ultra violet disinfection of drinking/potable water
  • Chlorodin chlorine dioxide bacteria control
  • Falcon waterfree urinals that can save up to 150,000 litres of water p.a. per urinal
  • Tap Aerators constant and reduced flow water savers
  • TMV3 water saving shower systems
  • Water saving shower heads, fixed and hand held
  • TMV3 Taps, water saving and thermostatic
  • Cyclonic filtration systems
  • Cartridge filtration systems
  • Water softeners



Rodin Group Overview