Rokon Filterbau GmbH


The company Rokon Filterbau GmbH has been based in Bielefeld Brackwede (Germany) since its founding in 1990. After initially working as a manufacturer of pipe and sewer systems, we have been able to expand our field of activity. With our core workforce of 30 employees, we can offer individual solutions in the ventilation and plant engineering, process engineering and the service sector today. All projects are fully completed in our house, from planning to delivery. Maintenance and repair contracts complete the project execution.

Ventilation and Plant Engineering

Product portfolio: ventilation and plant engineering, process engineering – air conditioning systems – dedusting systems – extraction of surface technology – central vacuums – pressure and suction conveyor systems for bulk goods – big-bag filling and discharge – edge trim – mobile aspiration systems for cleaning – sound insulating cabins and machine housings.

Extraction Systems For Industry

Production range: dust filter as pocket, cartridge, or bag filters – cleaning, pneumatically or mechanically – paint and aerosol separator – channel air filter – work tables for flame cutting, welding and grinding – piping construction – cable duct construction services – steel construction – special designs – NC-controlled plasma cutting system for serial parts to 8 mm material thickness – processing of steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics – extraction systems for industry – suction plants for industrial dust – aerators and de-aerators – industrial dedusting systems – filtering installations – housings for machines and plants – welding smoke extraction systems – dust filters – bag filter systems – oil-mist separators

Services: consulting, planning, design and calculation – CAD-assisted generation of drawings and documentations – project management, acceptance and commissioning activities – assembly in the field of ventilation and plant construction, as well as process engineering by trained personnel – maintenance and repair work for ventilation and plant engineering by qualified personnel

Spare Parts Trading

Trade: spare parts trading – filter material for air handling systems and dust filters.

Application areas: industrial and production facilities, workshops, food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, surface finishing and electroplating, foundries, paper converting, printing, metal processing, etc.

Filtering Installations

Our products: extraction systems for industry, suction plants for industrial dust, aerators and de-aerators (industrial), dedusting systems, filtering installations, housings for machines and plants, welding smoke extraction systems, dust filters, bag filter systems, oil-mist separators.

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