Rolfe Industries (Vacuumschmelze GmbH)

We provide commercial and technical support to users of:


  • Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets
  • Inductive Components - transformers and RFI chokes for ISDN and switching power supplies/ converters, ADSL splitter modules
  • Cores produced from NiFe, CoFe and amorphous/nano-crystalline alloys
  • Semi-finish alloy products based on NiFe, CoFe and produced by amorphous, nano-crystalline and crystalline technologies
  • DAU (Austria) - heat sinks and heat pipes and open architecture bus bars
  • HKR (Germany) - high power, iron powder composite cores and chokes

Permanent Magnets and Plastic-Bonded Magnets

For neartly 40 years, we have been producing sintered rare earth permanent magnets from SmCo and NdFeB. VAC has been the market leader in Europe for this production. We are proud of our product range of rare earth magnets including materials with different magnetic properties.

We produce the following permanent magnets:

Permanent Magnets and Plastic-Bonded Magnets

Magnet Systems

Magnet systems are manufactured to a higher value by adding adhesion technology. Through this process, we have combined permanent magnets with soft magnetic materials from its own production.

Through our production processes, we ensure important functions for the use of our magnet systems. We can dimension, design and manufacture highly complex magnet systems. We excel by mastering strong magnetic forces on an industrial scale.

Magnet Systems

Materials and Parts

In our materials and parts division, we manufacture high-quality crystalline, amorphous and nano-crystalline materials. Our visionary materials process has made us a leader in the development of cutting-edge materials.

All of our alloys are melted in the materials and parts division include:

  • soft magnetic materials
  • permanent magnets
  • magnetic semi-hard materials
  • alloys with special non-magnetic properties
Materials and Parts


Our core range gives you the unique combination of high permeability with very low losses of the alloys. Our high-quality crystalline NiFe cores are made of ULTRAPERM®, and they have been market leaders for decades.

Our cores are constantly being technically and economically optimized. We ensure the reliable functioning of residual current safety switches.


Inductive Components

Material knowledge is only one of many skills needed for the inductive components and modules. VAC offers a low-cost design using inductive components in an optimized volume with maximum reliability.

Inductive Components

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