Roof Runner


Roof support systems can be used to protect the foundation below for either permanently or temporarily. Roof support systems stop roofs from collapsing and the supports are designed depending on the existing structure of the roof and the loading of individual units. Roof support systems are constructed from hot dip galvanised steel support sections and guaranteed for 25 years.

HVAC,Solar,PV and Thermal collectors are our speciality areas covered from design,manufacture,delivery to installation European wide.

Solar Panel Frame

Our solar / PV panel frames are designed and manufactured in house to accommodate all sizes and angle requirements. Comprising of hot dip galvanised steel all frames are guaranteed for 25 years.

The solar panel frame has a durable and strong design fashioned to support a system exceeding the lifetime of PV or solar panels.

Solar Panel Mounting Frames

Our solar panel mounting frames are designed with a framework created to be installed with ease and efficiency.

Solar panel mounting frames require no drilling on the framework or the roof membrane. This simple installation process eliminates any water leakage or potential damage. The solar panel mounting frames are weighted down by ballast and can cope with high wind speeds and can be tilted up to any required angle tilt.

Flat Roof Mounting Systems

We provide an extensive range of flat roof mounting systems ideal for containing and supporting building services and equipment. They can also be designed with integrated roof access and under floor access.

Our flat roof mounting systems are highly adaptable and adjustable. They can be altered to suit an array of requirements and support services.

Flat Roof Solar Panels

We have been designing and manufacturing solar panels solutions for many years and our wealth of experience has given us a professional lead in the industry.

We were contacted by the Birmingham City Council to construct flat roof solar panels as part of their energy reduction programme. This exciting project is a part of a larger scheme aimed at enhancing the saving capabilities across the city.

The success of flat roof solar panels shows the potential savings solar panel systems offer, and hopefully encourage others to follow and help reduce their carbon footprints.

Roof Runner

The roof runner helps roof support systems and reinforces protection to the below foundation. The roof runners are made from ethafoam, they provide optimum protection to the roof membrane.

Our roof runners and roof feet are designed by our technical team to provide the correct support system based upon size support, loading requirements and the size of the unit being installed.

Cable Support

Cable support is an effective way of supporting cable trays and ladders. They can be integrated in different ways depending on the load and capacity.

Light duty loads up to 220N can have a cable support system with a single foot with galvanised steel uprights and a channel cross member.

Medium duty loads up to 440N are supported by two feet and heavy duty applications with loads up to 2200N are supported on feet with pivoting connectors able to adapt to sloping and uneven roof surfaces.

Pipe Support

Our pipe support systems can cater for multiple or single pipework with diameters up to any size system. Channel framework allows for the accommodation of integral channel pip clips and lined or unlined clips supported on a threaded rod.

Pipe support is fully adjustable and is offered with pivoting feet for use on roofs with a sloping or uneven surface.

Duct Support

Duct support has various uses and depends on the positioning and type of ducting required. Duct support can be used from above in a trapeze arrangement supported with brackets on cross channel members.

We also have below duct support with pyramid feet and flexible framework alterations. Duct support from the side uses a combination of bracketry and cantilever arms.

Plant Support

Plant support varies considerably due to the individual weight and size of equipment and roof design. Plant support systems are designed on our range of support feet with a durable, fully adjustable framework.

Plant support often has a free standing design and provides a stable platform to position units before finally securing the frame.

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