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Rose House Funeral Supplies offers a vast range of funeral home products for all Funeral Directors and their families via easy to use email order forms. We operate a price promise scheme, FULL safety data support required by law with free delivery over £200.

We simply offer. ONE INVOICE, ONE Supplier, One Delivery, 30 Day account facilities, ...One Call does it ALL 01283 819922

Our Cremation Urns and products are of the highest quality and offer a large range for families to choose from via our free ashes urns brochure. Superbly presented by a FREE glass cabinet within the funeral home.

 We also stock Marble, Brass, Wooden, Glass  and Ceramic Art Cremation Urns.

For families interested in any of our ashes urns, viewable from our web site please contact your local funeral director who will be more than happy to help with your enquiry or purchase. Due to the nature of the ashes urn use we are not able to supply direct to families.

If you need help or assistance in any way please contact Rose House.

Our Complete range of Funeral Home Products and Supplies can be found on our web site, we stock a janitorial and hygiene range along with equipment cases and travel bags, Mortuary Tables and Equipment.

All of these funeral products can be purchased via our downloadable excel order form.

Please follow the links to our web site at the top of the page 


A funeral, especially the passing of someone extremely close can be an extremely difficult time for any family.

Rose House Funeral supplies works very closely with Funeral directors across the UK to offer high quality products, whether it be high quality work ware, car cleaning products or simple items such as a tissue box for the funeral car.

 We are extremely proud to be in total partnership with our customers and offer the highest quality products at affordable prices, keeping your funeral costs down.

Funeral Products

Rose House Funeral supplies are active National Association of Funeral Directors, associated members. NAFD

With over 1500 funeral related products from Fridges, automotive products, body bags,  and removal products to Ashes Urns, headstones and specialist mortuary products we have the total solution for your business.

We offer full health and safety support via Cossh data and Chip data sheets to be fully compliant with health and safety legislation.

We have easy to use excel email order forms that can be dedicated to your specific company and requirements with next day delivery if required.

Family business, family values 

Funeral Supplies

Rose House Funeral Supplies offers a vast range of funeral home products for all Funeral Directors.

We have over 1500 funeral products, including coffin wadding, coffin handles, urns, coffin fittings, funeral products, ashes jewellery and many more products to cover everything from car cleaning right through to specialist funeral products.

For larger purchases including mortuary fridges, handling equipment and computer systems we offer low cost equipment leasing, with low weekly payments including maintenance. Fully tax deductible.

For a no obligation quotation please call Rose House on 01283 819922. Thank you

Funeral Products Suppliers

Rose House funeral supplies is a leading supplier of funeral products throughout the world, offering class leading products at competitive prices. 

Our company is fully supported by some of the UK's leading manufacturers to offer a single source supplier solution for the funeral profession. 

Please see our web site at or call us on 0044 (0)1283 819922

Funeral Directors Supplies

Rose House Funeral supplies of Swadlincote.

THE Single source supplier to the funeral profession.

With over 1500 products WE have the total solution to your funeral directors requirements

One Call Does it All 01283 819922



Cremation Urns

Rose House funeral supplies has a special Urns catalogue with over 40 pages of ashes urns  & ashes jewellery.

For Funeral directors we offer a glass display cabinet with full point of sale merchandising

Our urns can be used as family keepsakes to keep treasured memories close at heart such as photos, rings or simple things such as a memento as a fishing float. Anything to keep as a time capsule for your cherished family member

Our range includes brass urns, ceramic urns, biodegradable urns, marble urns and ashes jewellery.

For families we can supply our urns catalogue free of charge. Unfortunately, we are unable to supply direct to families, due to the nature of the product and its use, however for advice on prices please contact your local funeral directors and mention Rose House. 


Rose House Remembrance products. High Quality ashes urns and keepsakes.

For your discerning family member. Remembered forever.

Our new range of highly polished stainless steel ashes and remembrance containers are hand made to the very highest standard.

 Our range includes a amongst others Rose, Heart, pyramid and bike.

For our ever increasing range catalogue  please email or call us on 01283 819922


Please see our urns catalogue on line for our extensive ranges of ashes urns.

 From marble, brass, glass or ceramic. We have a vast range of funeral ashes urns and keepsakes

Our ashes urns can also be used as keepsakes for keeping treasured memories of loved ones close at heart.

Please also see our range of ashes jewellery. on our web site, available through all leading funeral directors

Marble Urns

Please see our brochure pages on our web site for our extensive range of marble urns

Brass Urns

Please see our extensive range of hand made high quality brass urns which are available via your local funeral home.

Our web site features downloading PDF brochure pages so that you can see the entire brass collection.

 Our brass urns are available available in 2 main sizes for either complete remains (4.5lt) or ash keepsake (150ml) size.

Our urns also make ideal time capsules for keeping smaller cherished belongings such as watches, jewellery, pictures or a simple letter safe and secure.

Cloisonne Ashes Urns

Hand crafted from copper urns with a hand laced copper thread the cloisonne urn is a beautiful remembrance item for your loved one.

Each piece is individual with individual enamelling between each cross over thread

Available in keepsake 150ml or large 4.5litre sizes

Please see our web site

Glass Urns

Our glass urns range is second to none.

Hand made from Bohemian Crystal our ashes urns and keepsakes offer safe storage of ashes or keepsake items without looking out of place within the family home.

For our full range please see our web site at or call 01283 819922 for our free urns brochure

Ashes Jewelery

Rose House offers a beautiful collection of British Made high quality ashes jewellery, specially designed to hold a small amount of cremated remains.

Please see our brochure from our web site or alternatively please call us and we will be more than happy to send you a product brochure. Due to the nature of these products we are only able to supply via our a funeral director.


Wooden Ashes Urns

Please see our web link for our Wooden ashes urns. All of which are available from all leading funeral directors.

Pet Ashes Urns

Our pet Ashes Urns collection is slowly increasing to offer an ever increasing range of Pet Urns containers.

Please see our web site for our main products or for specific requirements or help please call us on 01283 819922

Ceramic Urns

Rose House funeral Supplies, ceramic urns are hand made to the highest standard in 2 main shapes either tear drop or clam shape. Each piece features a gold flame or heart and in 2 sizes from 3.8lt - 150ml.

Please see our downloadable ceramic urns pages at our web site

With an ornamental finish these urns make ideal items to have on display within the family home without drawing attention too their contents.



Caskets and Urns

Our One stop solution to purchasing Caskets and Urns is simple at Rose House.

We have easy to use brochures and our easily viewable web site displays a range of related ashes products for all families.

Our products are supplied via funeral homes throughout the UK.

please see our web site at

Coffin Gowns

Rose House funeral supplies, the coffin linings,  gown sets and fittings are all made to the highest quality standard, yet offer significant savings over other suppliers

For bulk discounts on shrouds, gown sets, coffin sets and associated products please call us on 01283 819922


 We are able to supply wicker, cardboard, bamboo and traditional coffins to funeral homes via our extensive range of coffin manufactures. Cardboard coffins pictured 

Our extensive range of coffins fittings, coffin handles and associated products including coffin linings that we are able to supply.

Urns, coffins, bamboo and wicker coffin and ashes urn suppliers

We work closely with coffin manufacturers to supply specialist sizes and types of coffins including wicker, bamboo, cardboard and printed coloured coffins.

Rose House funeral supplies is a single source supplier to the funeral profession.

For help or assistance please call us on 01283 819922

Coffin handles

Our extensive range of funeral supplies is able to offer a vast range of coffin fittings, coffin handles and accessories as well as over 1500 related products

For enquiries from funeral directors, please email or call for a log in password.

Single source suppliers to the funeral profession

Family business.    family values


Ideal for wrapping coffins for repatriation our ranges of bubble wrap & Hessian in various sizes makes transportation of the coffin easier and safer.

We also supply banding machines and tapes so that the funeral director has a single source solution to his transportation requirements.   

Wicker coffins

In conjunction with our business partners we can supply a variety of wicker, bamboo and cardboard coffins and ashes urns.

If you are a family member who would like product information please call us on 01283 819922


In loving Memory.

We offer a vast range of crucifixes,  crosses and coffin furniture for funeral directors as well as over 1500 associated products

Rose House funeral supplies memorial products keep treasured memories close at heart.

Our Ashes Urns and memory keepsakes can be viewed at our web site

Cardboard Pillow

We have 2 sizes of cardboard coffin pillows. 18'' & 22'' ,

Supplied in flat format in packs of 50 they can be easily folded and fitted inside the coffin.

Bulk discounts available for coffin manufacturers and distributors. Supplied from Only .34p each


Our extensive ranges of metal and plastic handles, crosses and coffin fittings is available for free delivery when placing an order with Rose House funeral supplies  over £200. excluding vat

Complete Coffin sets including shrouds fittings and handles are available at extremely competitive prices, with bulk discounts available for larger purchases .

Please see our on line brochure at

Please email martin@rosehousegroup for a password or call 01283 819922

One call does it all.

Family company. family values


Mortuary Supplies

Our Company offers mortuary surgical instruments, mortuary tables, mortuary fridges and with its business partners is able to offer a vast range of disposable items including, mortuary cleaning equipment, sanitary products and full body handling.

We also offer Equipment leasing, saving cash flow with minimum monthly payment periods to ease cash flow. Also included is full maintenance and support with payment schemes over 3,4 or 5 year periods.

For specific requirement please call Rose House on 01283 819922

Mortuary Embalming Equipment

Mortuary Equipment purchasing can become an expensive but an essential necessity within the funeral home.

Our equipment leasing takes the strain out of purchasing high value mortuary products, by having fully tax deductible low weekly payments, covered by a full maintenance plan. Terms can be tailored to suit each company requirement

From Mortuary Fridges, lifters, body handling equipment we can offer virtually any type of larger mortuary related product.

Please call us for a no obligation equipment leasing

Ring boxes

We have various sizes, styles and colours available in our ring and jewellery boxes.

Supplied in boxes of 60 we have 2 standard sizes available for either rings or a larger box for necklaces.

Made of plastic with a simple lift off lid they are ideal for families

Embalming Chemicals

With our business partners we are able to offer a wide range of everyday embalming chemicals to suit every application.

We offer cosmetic makeup, re-construction products and standard hair & beauty products for the embalmer 

 Our range also includes embalmers equipment cases. For full details please call us on 01283 819922

for a password please email

Mortuary Cosmetics

We are able to offer a vast range of enhancement, mortuary cosmetics, hair products, and associated products specific to reconstruction and beautification.

Our ranges also include Hairdryers, brushes, combs, body wash,  specialist chemicals, cranium insertion pads as well as surgical instruments.

We also offer a range of Mortuary equipment cases either with or without products.

In partnership with embalmers and funeral directors throughout the U.K and abroad.

Body Bags

For our body bags range, please visit the secure area for funeral directors by sending an email to or visit our web site

Single source suppliers to the funeral profession


Funeral Parlour Supplier

Rose House funeral supplies works in partnership with funeral parlours throughout the U.K. and Europe as a single source supplier to the funeral profession.

For a single source solution to your funeral parlour requirements with 1 Order, 1 Delivery, I invoice. on over 1500 products

call Rose House on 01283 819922 or see our web site at

Family business, Family Values

Active NAFD Supplier Member

Mortuary Products

With our joint business partners we are able to offer a very large range of Mortuary products including, surgical instruments, suter, protective wear, including latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves.

Please visit our web site or call Rose House funeral supplies on 01283 819922 

Medical products

Our extensive range of medical products including first aid kits and associated products is backed up by some of the uk 's leading manufacturers.

Cold Chambers

We offer a large range of  Cold Chambers, fridges and cold rooms including all theatre related furniture.

We offer a number of hydraulic and manual lift trolleys, mortuary tables and associated products.

OUR LOW COST LEASING Makes purchasing larger items more cost effective, easing cash flow with low monthly payments.  

 Please call Rose House Funeral supplies  on 01283 819922

Lifting products

Purchasing Mortuary lifting equipment is easier with Rose House funeral supplies via our equipment leasing program.

For a FREE no obligation quotation please call us on 01283 819922 or visit our web site.

Surgical Instruments

Rose House funeral supplies in conjunction with our leading suppliers is able to offer a comprehensive list of surgical instruments, surgical equipment and ancillary products for the mortuary and theatre.

For specific requirements, bulk quotations please call us on 01283 819922

One stop suppliers to the funeral profession

Body Handling Equipment

Our Equipment leasing program makes purchasing Body Handling Equipment easier. With low weekly payments and maintenance included never have problems with old or worn out equipment again.

We have trolleys and lifters to suit every application.

For a log in password or for a no obligation quotation, please email or call us on 01283 819922.


Please see our web site for our full range of stretchers and removal equipment.

With our no obligation and equipment leasing quotation we have the perfect solution to your body handling requirements

Please call Rose House funeral supplies on 01283 819922 for help or assistance

Autopsy Equipment

We are supported by some of the U.k's leading medical, surgical and embalming supplies companies across the uk.

Our range includes needles, trocars, Spencer wells, surgical suter, eye caps, pumps and all manner of theatre items.

For larger items such as fridges and body handling products we offer equipment leasing with low weekly payments

Please see our web site at

Mortuary Fridges

For a free no obligation quotation on our bespoke, standard or made to measure chambers, cold rooms or fridges please call us on 01283 819922.

Our equipment leasing spreads the cost of purchasing all types of body handling, refrigeration and lifting equipment with LOW weekly payments.

For the purpose of this web site and to prevent upsetting bereaved families, mortuary products are not pictured via this portal.

Please see the Rose House web site at

For a password please email

Funeral Workwear Products

Our workwear range covers all aspects of industry and the funeral profession.

 From Lab coats, winter clothing, Work shoes, protective ware including gloves and aprons, we can supply the lot

We are also able to offer printing and embroidery.

 Our team are here to help. Please email or call  or 01283 819922

Funeral clothing

Our Funeral clothing includes a large range of specialist  & general work wear,  jackets, trousers and footware.

We can supply, Top Hats, Gloves, canes and amongst many other items printed umbrellas.

We can offer bulk discounts on  most clothing items such as shirts, skirts, trousers and off the shelf suits.

automotive supplies

Our Automotive Product range includes cleaning chemicals from Turtle wax, Autoglym and Mer as well as cleaning accessories such as Vileda Flunky, synthetic leathers to a simple bucket.

  • cleaning chemicals
  • Automotive oils and lubricants
  • Wiper blades
  • tools, spanners, hammers
  • In car air fresheners
  • Light bulbs
  • warning triangles
  • De-icer and anti-freeze chemicals
  • Maintenance equipment including jacks, torches, seat covers
  • garage workwear and disposables

One call Does it all.  01283 819922

  •  We offer equipment leasing on Jet washers and cleaners of all types to enable low monthly payments with full on site backup and support as well as payments being fully tax deductable.For further information or to log onto our web site please email or call 01283 819922  

Jet Washers

Rose House funeral supplies has over 150 types of Jet wash & Pressure Washers that we are able to supply.

From Nilfisk, Edge, Karcher and other leading makes our Equipment Leasing facilities makes purchasing larger machines easier and simpler with low weekly payments and full maintenance.

For a no obligation demonstration & quotation please call us on 01283 819922

Pressure Washers

 For an extensive range of Pressure washers Hot and Cold, portable and fixed look no further.

We offer full maintenance contracts with low monthly payments via our equipment leasing program.

For a no obligation quotation please email

Committed to value and quality. One call does it ALL

Turtle Wax

We are distributors of Turtle wax professional products.

A range of high quality car cleaning chemicals and products ideally suited to the funeral profession.

Turtle wax products work out better value than other leading brands, and are supplied in 5 or 25 litre sizes.

Our full catalogue is available to download on our web site at

 For a brochure please email

or call us on 01283 819922

Car Cleaning

Our easy to use excel email order form provides a large range of cleaning products for use within the funeral home or garage.

With quality supplies from the U.K's leading suppliers, we have the support to offer you everything that your company would require including, rubber matting, in car air fresheners, pressure washers, traffic film remover, buckets etc.

Thank you


Rubber Car Matting

Rubber car matting in large rolls is ideally suited to funeral vehicles in that it can be cut to the dimensions of the vehicle.

Ideal for the rear of limousines and vans offering complete protection for vehicle interiors.

Available in ribbed or flat in various roll sizes.  


Our large range of automotive cleaning chemicals is enhanced by both our Turtle wax and Autoglym professional ranges.

Our catalogue can be viewed via our web site

Our automotive range is extensive. From a sponge to a specialist Autoglym product, Rose House proudly has the answer.

For larger purchases such as pressure and jet washers we offer low weekly, fully warranted leasing agreements, enabling you to purchase the professional quality Automotive cleaning products you require NOW.   


We are proud members of the National association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) , an influential organisation of the funeral profession actively involved with legislation and the needs of the funeral profession.

Our company strives on the quality of service and products that it offers


With over 1500 products specially designed and tailored for the funeral profession we are able to offer a complete solution to running your crematorium and associated grounds

We have a large range of cleaning products including brushes, chemicals, cleaning trolleys and cleaning machines for inside the crematorium itself.

Outside we can offer ride on scrubber and cleaning machines, mowers and strimmers right through to spades, hoes and garden maintenance products.

For the staff we have an extensive range of workwear including work boots, jackets, trousers and gloves to name but a few.

We also offer a very large range of cremation urns for families.

Please call or email for a no obligation quotation.

Rose House funeral supplies. One Supplier, One order,  One Invoice. Multiple products delivered to your door

Janitorial Supplies

From Paper, Chemicals, Cleaning materials & machines we have the one stop solution for your company.

With extremely competitive pricing structures, full health and data sheet support, easy to use email order forms and 30 day account facilities we have the solution for your everyday consumable requirements

Branded Chemicals

Rose House funeral supplies offers a range of branded chemicals in larger sizes such as Ajax, Domestos and Laundry powders from Daz and Persil.

We offer smaller sized cleaning and janitorial branded products please call us.

Our single solution gives

  • One order
  • One delivery
  • One invoice
  • Full COSHH data support
  • Free deliver *
  • Easy to use email order forms.

Working in partnership with suppliers throughout the U.K and abroad




Our ranges of dispensers includes :-

  • Toilet roll dispensers of all types
  • Catering cling film and foil dispensers
  • Apron roll dispensers
  • Automatic air freshener dispensers
  • Printing and own labelling
  • Plastic, Metal and PVC dispensers 

For a single source solution to your dispenser requirements call Rose House on 01283 819922

Family business values. we are here to help.

Cleaning Materials

Rose House funeral supplies, whilst being a specialist single source supplier to the funeral profession is extremely competitive on all cleaning equipment, cloths and general cleaning materials.

One delivery, one invoice, One supplier......... Working in partnership with your business.

Alcohol Gel

Be Safe in the workplace with our Hand Sanitiser ranges from Deb, Cinelli and Carex.

We have a variety of sizes available from both alcohol gels to Hand Sanitising Wipes.

DEB hand sanitisers

Rose house funeral supplies is proud to be a distributor of DEB sanitizers and alcohol gels.

From, small pocket gels too automatic dispensers killing 99.99% of all known germs * you can be rest assured that you and your staff are literally in Safe hands.

Enhanced by ranges from Cinelli and other leading wiper manufacturers we are a total solution provider for de-contamination products and protective wear.

Rose House 01283 819922 



* please refer to the DEB web site for specifics 


With in excess of 2000 hardware products we have everything that your company could require.

Within the funeral home we offer - brushes, mops, buckets,  staple guns, staples, screwdrivers, spades, headstone trolleys etc

We also have a large number of garden products from mowers, strimmers, jet washers, powered lifters,

Rose house has the answer. Please call us with your requirements 01283 819922

Umbrellas Printed

Rose House printed umbrellas give a professional distinctive image to your company.

UK made they all feature high quality UK made materials of the highest quality yet competitively priced.

We also offer printing facilities for individual panels. Quotations are available upon request.

Equipment cases

We have many sizes and styles of equipment cases be-it for the freelance embalmer for surgical instruments or for the funeral director making arrangements with our various ranges of Vinyl, leather and leather look laptop and business cases.

 For our full range please visit our web site at the link above or call us and we will email our PDF cases catalogue.

We are also able to source many other types of hard cases and equipment bags. Please call us on 01283 819922


Our high quality funeral arrangers cases are ideal in being able to carry all of the funeral arrangers paperwork and requirements in one professional package.

 Please see our web site

First Aid

For a comprehensive supply of medical, first aid and associated products our easy to use excel email order forms make ordering medical products easier.


Call 01283 819922


Our ranges of medical gloves include

  • nitrile gloves
  • kevlar gloves
  • cut resistant gloves
  • latex gloves
  • vinyl gloves
  • household gloves
  • medical gloves
  • examination gloves


Nitrile Gloves

We offer Nitrile Gloves in Powder Free that come in all sizes from Small to Extra Large.  They are synthetic rubber Nitrile Gloves, with a beaded cuff and offer a high tensile strength.  They also allow a superior abrasive resistance and are to be used for higher risk applications.

If there are any queries please call or email us.

Visit our Website -

Latex Gloves

We offer Latex Gloves and they are available in both Powdered and Powder Free.  Our Latex Gloves come in a range of sizes from Small to Extra Large.  these are a non sterile, natural coloured glove and come with a beaded cuff and give a high tensile strength.

Any Questions? Please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Also, visit our Website at

Vinyl Gloves

We also supply Vinyl Gloves, these come in different sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large.  Our Vinyl Gloves are available in both Powdered and Powder Free and are to be used for low risk and/or non hazardous applications.  They are a non sterile, clear, smooth examination glove and are also Latex Free.

Any problems? Please feel free to email us or give us a call.

Visit us on our Website at www. funeral-supplies. co. uk.

Paper Products

We offer an extensive range of Paper Products ranging from Toilet Rolls to Centre Feed Rolls.  Most of the Paper Products which are available will have a Dispenser to Match.  For any specific Paper Product don't hesitate to give us a call or email us.

Visit our Website at or call us 01283 819922

Paper Disposables

Our company offers a very large range of paper disposables including wipers, toilet rolls and disposable bed sheets.

Discounts are available for bulk quantities especially pallet deliveries.

Our janitorial range including specialist products is second to none.

  • Bulk pack
  • toilet tissue
  • toilet rolls
  • wiper rolls
  • forecourt rolls
  • centre feed rolls
  • jumbo toilet rolls
  • mini jumbo toilet rolls
  • paper dispensers


Paper Suits

Our ranges of protective paper suits meets all requirements of industry.

We have various qualities available from plastic coated to standard painters type all in one suits including Tyvek

Can we help?