Rosler UK

Rösler is the world’s leading surface preparation and finishing company.  We pride ourselves on manufacturing the best and widest range of shot blasting and mass finishing machines, consumables and related equipment available today.

Rösler, the World's Leader in Surface Finishing

Established for more than 80 years the Rösler group has developed processes for the automated finishing of components manufactured from metal, wood, plastic and ceramic as well as exotic materials.  Whether you are looking to deburr, radius, degrease, descale, polish or prepare a surface for a subsequent coating or plating we will have a process for you.

Knowsley Centre of Excellence

Our test facility in the UK is at your disposal to develop a surface finishing process if your component is new or we can revisit and improve your existing process to increase your part’s profitability and value to your customers.

Knowsley Centre of Excellence

Products and Services

  • Mass finishing equipment
  • Plastic and ceramic grinding and polishing media
  • Compounds
  • Waste water treatment systems
  • Wheel and nozzle shot blasting and peening equipment
  • Spare parts, relines and after sales support
  • Subcontract surface preparation and finishing service
  • Process development/improvement
  • Equipment servicing and maintenance

Rosler UK Overview