Ross and Catherall Ltd

Doncasters is one of the largest and most respected cast superalloy manufacturers.

Through its two core facilities, Doncasters offers advanced alloys that are used across a wide range of performance critical applications as diverse as turbine blades and vanes and other components for aero engines and land-based gas turbines, hot-end turbocharger wheels, medical prosthesis, and other special components requiring high metallurgical integrity.

Doncasters Superalloys production facilities excel at vacuum induction melting, air induction melting and vacuum degassing. All use the highest quality materials and guarantee the highest level of technical control, ensuring a consistent product with a repeatable tightly controlled chemistry.

In addition, the Doncasters Group has a number of supporting facilities capable of manufacturing components and systems from these advanced materials.

Our Key Capabilities Include:

  • Advanced vacuum induction melting (VIM) from 500 - 8,000 kg (1,000 lb - 8.8 tons)
  • Airmelt capacity up to 2,300 kg (5,000 lb)
  • Continuously cast vacuum superalloys
  • Alloys for directionally solidified and single crystal applications
  • Cobalt, nickel and iron base superalloys
  • Barstock diameter from 32 - 175 mm (1.25 - 6.8 in.)
  • Billet weight from 2 - 240 kg (4.4 - 530 lb), cut to weight, notched, fractured or rotary cut
  • Ground and shot blast finish using virgin, recycled and refined scrap according to customers specifications

Ross and Catherall Ltd Overview