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Roston Castings Limited is a ferrous and non-ferrous foundry which has been established since 1966. We manufacture Aluminium Die Castings, Prototypes and Tooling for many applications whether it be automotive, engineering or decorative. Situated in the Derbyshire Countryside, close to the Peak District, Roston has been supplying major companies for many years including the JCB Group for 25 years and Areva Transformers (formerly GEC) for 20 years.

Our aim is ‘To Supply Economic Effective Solutions’

Below are just a few ways in which we can save our customers money.

STEEL FABRICATIONS Existing designs can be redesigned as an aluminium die casting to produce a lighter, serviceable item much cheaper. Threaded inserts, pins and bushes can be incorporated in the casting design to eliminate machining costs. For example the inclusion of a threaded insert at the casting stage eliminates the need for drilling and tapping. The inclusion of a bush eliminated the need for drilling, reaming and press fitting. Clearance holes are included in designs and created by means of tapered cores thus giving reduced machining and assembly times when an item is converted to a die casting.

SAND CASTINGS Again machining costs on existing designs which are being sand cast can be cut by reducing or elimination machined faces. Improved accuracy of die castings can reduce machining allowances and in doing so will mean that the final casting weight is lighter and hence cheaper,

PROTOTYPES These can be created from fabrication samples, sketches, existing castings, drawings or CAD files. We are able to create 3D images from samples or drawings, if CAD files are unavailable, to enable prototype patterns to be CNC machined. Once prototype patterns are machined, usually in ureol or resin, they are used to manufacture castings from which the customer can verify the design by fit and function or other testing before laying down production tooling.

Development & Prototypes

Development & Prototypes

Given the opportunity, we can help our customers in many ways, but always with the aim of providing ‘Economic Effective Solutions’. We can assist in the design and development of the casting so customers get value for money.


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Development & Prototypes

Tool Making

Patterns and Dies are manufactured on site in our own toolroom.Tooling can be made by traditional methods eg., dies cast to size in our iron foundry or machined from blanks.

Most of the tooling is CNC machined. We can accept most software formats. Customers are kept informed of any design change requirements via email for their approval before tooling machining commences.

Dies can be operated mechanically or hydraulically depending on size, complexity and batch quantity.

Initial Sample Inspection Reports are carried out on first off samples. A copy of this is sent to the customer with the first off samples for their approval.

Having toolroom facilities on site is of great benefit in effecting speedy repairs in the event of a breakdown, or modifications to tooling should there be any design changes.

Tool Making

Sand Castings

Air set sand moulding systems are used in our foundry in the production of prototypes and small batch quantities. This enables assessment of a new design and is useful in the early stages with pre-production batches.

Materials cast are traditional LM2, LM4, LM6 and LM25 ranges and alloys in the BSL and EN specifications. All materials are sourced from our approved supplier base.

Sand Castings

Die Castings

Die castings are produced in tooling machined out of cast iron or steel. These dies are operated mechanically or hydraulically depending on batch quantity, casting size and complexity. We are happy to use customer supplied tooling or manufacture new tooling. Materials cast are traditional LM2, LM4, LM6 and LM25 ranges and alloys in the BSL and EN specifications. All materials are sourced from our approved supplier base.

Die Castings

Process Controls & Quality System


The process is controlled to ensure our customers receive products which are ‘Effective and Economical’. We liase with customers to provide us with information on key points, dimensions etc. From this we formulate our inspection plan.

We operate a Job/Inspection Plan that is unique to each individual casting. All documentation such as drawings, job plans, specification sheets etc. relating to a specific casting are stored in unique files.


Systems have been in place for many years. The company achieved ISO9002 in 1996 and ISO 9001:2000 in 2002' and is now accredited with ISO 9001:2008.

Copies of our Quality Manual are available for customer’s information. Current and potential customers are welcome to carry out 3rd party audits.

Process Controls & Quality System

Contact Us

We should be delighted to answer any queries which you may have regarding our services. Please feel free to contact us using any of the methods detailed below:

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