Rota Precision Ltd

Rota Precision Limited was formed in 1994 to supply Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings and other precision related products to niche markets within a wide range of industries.
  • Rodobal rod ends and spherical bearings
  • Aurora rod ends and spherical bearings with sliding couplings
  • Smiths cam follower and cam yoke roller needle bearings
  • Rodoflex flexible couplings
  • Rodogrip precision locking nuts
  • Rodoset precision locking nuts
  • Revolvo ball and roller bearings
ROTA products are produced in such a way as to allow almost infinite flexibility on the configuration produced, offering designers a guaranteed source of the complete range. These can be either standard or special, to commercial or precision grades, using imperial or metric specifications.

ROTA can manufacture non-standard/obsolete sizes and configurations to keep older equipment in operation.

ROTA has developed a detailed understanding of bearing requirements of a diverse range of industries, including materials and configurations. These cover construction, material handling; mobile hydraulic systems; farm machinery; transportation; automation and robotics; and a wide range of other industries.

Aurora Bearing Co (UK)
Smith Bearing Products (UK)


Rota Precision Ltd Overview