Rotorflush Filters

What are Rotorflush Self-cleaning Filters and Intake Strainers?

Our robust and reliable self-cleaning intake strainers, submersible filter pumps and analyser filter systems allow the use of high pressure, multi stage pumps in water contaminated with suspended solids  - e.g. final effluent, flood water, pond water, waste water from industry, cooling water, rainwater runoff etc.

Unlike using traditional basket strainers pump blockages are considerably reduced and maintenance is minimal cutting downtime and damage to downstream equipment while helping to ensure a continuous filtered supply.

 Rotorflush self-cleaning filters prevent pumps from blocking

and keep pumps working in dirty water conditions.

Self-cleaning In-line Filters

Rotorflush now offer a self-cleaning In-line Filter system with automatic backwashing and purge. This robust and reliable in-line filter has touch screen controls, a 20 + cubic metre per hour capacity for effective filtration of dirty water. It operates at pressures of 8 bar and temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius. An ideal hassle free in-line filter for industrial water re-use and heat recovery.

Rotorflush Filters Overview