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Rotrex Winches are the UK's leading experts in the field of winching offering a comprehensive, integrated hire, sales and service capability.

 Some of our Products & Services include

Whether supplying machines to install cables and pipes, the demanding environment of the offshore oil and gas industry, or to build the information super highway, Rotrex Winches is the name people trust.

Unlike standard lifting equipment, specialist winching and hoisting equipment demands a greater level of technical support to the customer from the supplier - support on project management, planning, site services, transport, method statement, risk assessment, training, cost benefit analysis are ALL available from Rotrex Winches.

Our reputation for flexibility, quality and attention to detail has allowed us to develop relationships with the most prestigious companies, Worldwide.

Winch hire

Rotrex Winches has a comprehensive range of trailer winches and base-mounted winches available for short- and long-term hire, for use almost anywhere in the world – with skilled engineers, where required.

Winch sales

As one of the UK’s leading winch experts, we offer a choice of top-quality, well-respected, competitively priced winches – and can even create purpose-built winches where off-the-shelf is not a solution.

Winch servicing

Rotrex Winches provides a comprehensive service offering, including scheduled preventative maintenance, call-out repair, refurbishment, cable spooling, winch installation, operator training and winch testing.

Winch support

With Rotrex Winches, you are never on your own. Our support services are designed to help you at every step, with expert winch service engineers, winch delivery and installation services, winch testing, rope spooling – and much more.

Hydraulic Winch

Rotrex Winches stocks a comprehensive range of hydraulic winches to buy new, used or hire. Please contact us or visit our website for more information about our hydraulic winch range

Additional products

Not just winches – but everything a winch needs, including winch power packs, winch monitoring equipment, powered hoists, cable drum trailers, deck equipment, cable handling equipment – and much more.

Winch Specialists

Unlike most hire firms for whom winches are just another line, Rotrex Winches is 100% focused on winches and that's why our hire fleet, services and support lead the industry.

Rotrex Winches is the UK’s winch specialist. All of our business energy and resources go into providing the most comprehensive, dedicated range of integrated winch hire, sales, service, testing and support services available.

We operate one of Europe’s largest hire fleets of winching equipment, with true global capability, unrivalled winching expertise and a nationwide support network. All our products and services are underpinned by a quality driven culture and our BSI ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

Winch Specialists

Trailer Mounted Winches

Our range of popular trailer winches includes twin bullwheel, drum, capstan and cable recovery winches. Our OMAC twin bullwheel winches can be petrol or diesel powered and range from 2 tonnes to 60 tonnes. These OMAC twin capstan winches are excellent for installing underground cables and pipes. We can even offer 10t OMAC winch mounted on rubber caterpillar tracks to give it outstanding travel capability across all terrains, and it comes with remote control operation.

Other models of trailer winch we can provide include Volta, Thompson and Grundo winch.  While our most frequently hired models are from the 2 tonne to 10 tonne ranges, our extensive range of equipment mean were we are bound to have the winch to suit your needs.

Trailer Mounted Winches

Cable Drum Trailers

We have a range of hire cable drum trailers, most of which are single axle drum trailers that are road-going and suitable for use on site, as part of our highway and site ranges. Our cable drum trailers are equipped with braking and road lighting systems that conform with EEC Directives, and are also designed to travel fully laden at UK and European road speeds. We also have twin axle and multi axle cable drum trailers available for heavier loads.

Our cable drum trailers can be safely and easily lifted and lowered with a hydraulic hand-operated pump. They are also designed to be secure in transit, being held in place by mechanical locks when the drum is fully raised. All our cable drum trailers, whether for hire or sale, are provided with a full certification certificate so that you can be sure that your trailer is in top condition.

Cable Drum Trailers

Base Mounted Winches

Base mounted winches are excellent pieces of equipment useful in an enormous variety of situations. Whatever reason you’re looking for a base mounted winch, these are reliable winches capable of doing the job. That’s why at Rotrex Winches, we provide a fantastic range of base mounted winches for our customers to hire or purchase.

Our range of base mounted winches include air winches up to 10 tonnes. These base mounted winches are powered by an air motor via gearing in the winch, with the user able to vary their speed via the control lever. Most of these are single drum but some are available with two drums.

We also offer base mounted hydraulic winches with capacities from 15 tonnes to 200 tonnes, which are frequently supplied with Diesel Powerpacks, along with electronically operated and diesel-powered winches. Many of our base mounted winches are zoned and ATEX-compliant.

Base Mounted Winches

Rotrex Winches Overview