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Our new HygroGen2 generator has been designed to generate stable temperature and humidity for the calibration of probes. Our HygrogGen2 generator acts like a mobile calibration laboratory for the regular calibration of high volumes of probes.

Water Activity Meter

Our water activity meter range includes various water activity measurement stations. These water activity meter stations supply a digital output signal and interface with HygroPalm water indicators and HygroLab. The HC2-AW and AW-DIO have large thermal mass, making the probes temperature react very slowly.

  • HC2-AW
  • HC2-P05
  • HC2-HP28 / HC2-HP50
  • HygroPalm - HP23-AW-A
  • HP23-AW-A-SET14
Water Activity Meter

Moisture Measurement

We manufacture a wide range of moisture measurement instruments. Featuring practical functions, these moisture measurement instruments are extremely precise for the job in hand.

We have a range of products and a vast range of HygroPalms handheld instrument. When in production these are configured to be ready to use straight away. HygroPalms are configured to client specification and have user friendly HW4 software.

  • HygroPalm - HP21
  • HygroPalm - HP22-A
  • HygroPalm - HP23-A
  • HP22-A-SET
  • HP23-A-SET

For more information on our company and product line, please see our corporate video.

Moisture Measurement

Humidity Data Loggers

The recording of temperature and humidity conditions is extremely important in the pharmaceutical industry. Using humidity data loggers makes evaluating statistically a much easier and quicker job. This type of information is invaluable and can influence product quality substantially.

Examples of the type of humidity data loggers we stock include:

  • HygroLog HL-20
  • HygroLog HL-20-SET
  • HygroLog HL-21
  • HygroLog HL-21-SET
  • HygroLog HL-NT2
Humidity Data Loggers

Temperature Probes

We stock a comprehensive range of temperature probes. Our supply of temperature probes meets a wide range of specific requirements.

Examples our temperature probes include:

  • Standard probe
  • Industrial probe
  • Industrial metal probes
  • Screw-in probes
  • High temperature handheld probes

We also supply HygroWin USB-probe, miniature probes, insertion probes, sword probes and more.

Temperature Probes

Humidity Calibration

Even though all of our probes have incredibly long-term stability, we still recommend regular humidity calibration.

With humidity calibration;,once a year is usually enough, although some of our customers prefer to calibrate more often. The long term stability of our probes is better than 1%rh per year under normal conditions.

Humidity Calibration

Meteorological Products

With weather recording needing to be so accurate, our meteorological products are designed to record weather incredibly accurately. Our meteorological products have a fantastic reputation of providing accurate results in a range of harsh environments.

  • MP102H / MP402H
  • HC2-S3
  • HC2-S3H
  • MP100A / MP400A
  • HC2-S3C03
Meteorological Products

CO2 Measurement

For CO2 measurement, we supply the CP11 handheld instrument. It is an inexpensive multimeter that measures and records CO2, humidity and temperature. The CP11 also calculates the dew point.

It comes equipped with the field-tested ROTRONIC HYGROMER® IN-1 humidity sensor. Used in conjunction with our data management software, our CO2 measurement tools allow for readings to be downloaded, saved and analyzed.

CO2 Measurement

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