Rotronic Instruments (UK) Ltd

Rotronic Instruments (UK) is an international development and manufacturing company that offers a wide range of products and solutions in the B2B segment. Founded in 1965, the company is headquartered in Switzerland and provides solutions for measuring and monitoring relative humidity, temperature, CO2, differential pressure, pressure, flow, dew point, and water activity.

ROTRONIC HygroGen2 Humidity and Temperature Generator .

HygroGen2 is a transportable humidity and temperature generator suitable for calibrating up to five RH instruments simultaneously over 0...60°C and 5...95%rh ranges. HygroGen2 is completely stand alone, needing only external power to run. It's control stability is better than 0.05°C and 0.1%rh, providing users with stable conditions to calibrate any type of RH instrument. The second generation HygroGen introduces a higher specification and a range of new features.

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