Royal Mail Door To Door


When you need to reach a targeted audience with promotional material, we have the perfect solution with Royal Mail Door to Door. With years of experience in delivering targeted leaflets, we have all the tools you need to make your advertising campaign successful.


Do you need a company to help you in getting your leaflets from a design in your head to a physical leaflet delivered through the letterbox of your potential customers?
Do you want your distribution to be fully managed so that they do the print, paperwork and distribution?
Do you want your leaflets to be produced on sustainable paper?
Print Assist offers an end-to-end print solution that’s specifically designed to dovetail with Royal Mail’s Door to Door service. Particularly if you are unfamiliar with such processes, Print Assist can save you hassle and help avoid potentially expensive pitfalls.

Sustainable® Mail

Sustainable® Mail has been extended to Door to Door to help you reduce waste, improve sustainability and increase recyclability for all your unaddressed mail. The specification will help you minimise the environmental impact of your Door to Door distribution and help demonstrate your commitment to good environmental production techniques. It also helps you get closer to achieving our Carbon Neutral Door to Door scheme.

Postcode Counts

If you need to know how many addresses there are in a given list of postal sectors before placing your Door to Door booking, we can supply this information free of charge. There are four different types of postcode count reports that you can request:

Sector List Reports – if you already know the postcode sectors you want to book, but want the number of households or businesses within those sectors.
Radius Reports – these give you details of all postcode sectors and the number of households and businesses within a defined radius.
Drive Time Reports – these give you details of all postcode sectors and the number of households and businesses within a defined drive time. For example you may want to reach all sectors within a 30 minute drive from your location.
Target Zone Reports – if you want all the sectors within a recognised boundary area, such as a county, a Local Authority Area, a TV region and so on.

Database Profiling

Database profiling is where profiles are applied to your existing customer data, so you can accurately find and target similar groups to promote your business. We can profile against either MOSAIC or CAMEO categories.

All you need to do is supply us with the postcodes of your best customers, from your existing database. There must be at least 800 for a group-level profile or at least 1,000 for a specific type-level profile. We’ll then give you a profile report that indicates which types are most representative of your existing customer database. You can then determine where you are likely to find more of these types of customers

Distribution Centres

Northern Ireland Mail Centre
Express Way
Newton Abbey
BT36 4HQ

Door to Door Distribution Centre
Perth Sorting Office
53 Feus Road

South East
Walk Bundling Centre
Fort Bridgewood
Maidstone Road

Walk Bundling Centre
Logistics Solutions Swindon
Unit 2B/2C
Wheatstone Road, Dorcan

Walk Bundling Centre
Silkstone House
Express Way
Wakefield Europort

Walk Bundling Centre
North West Distribution Centre
Winwick Quay

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