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Royce Thompson is the leading photo-electronic lighting controls brand, supporting the UK and export street & amenity lighting industry since 1963 with product innovation, technical advice and expertise - to achieve the very best in control, performance and economy of photocell controlled lighting projects.

Fifty years at the forefront of the photo-electronic lighting controls market has seen Royce Thompson achieve many firsts, including the launch of first solid state photocell in the 1970’s,
followed by the first use of synchronous switching and ASIC microprocessor control technology in the 1990’s.

Throughout our history, continuous focus on the provision of high quality, innovative products has ensured that Royce Thompson photocells deliver the best possible value to our markets in
terms of low energy consumption, reliability and long service life - helping you, the customer, achieve optimum performance whilst keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.

Royce Thompson Photocells

Royce Thompson photocells have been specifically designed with either light level detection (including 1:0.5, 1:1, or 1:1.5 settings as standard) or Part Night operation, to cover the broadest scope of street & amenity lighting projects. 

The Royce Thompson range includes a variety of One Part, Two Part and Miniature photocells in options which deliver economy, reliability and performance dependent on specific customer project needs. 

  • One Part NEMA photocells - Our standard One Part cell, for base fixing to a NEMA socket or via flying leads.
  • One Part miniature photocells - Ideal for installations with limited space or for minimum aesthetic impact.
  • Two Part remote photocells - For remote placement of the lens with the controller within handy reach.
  • Two Part miniature photocells - Combining the benefits of a miniature controller with a remote photocell.
Royce Thompson Photocells

Special Photocells & Accessories

This comprehensive range of special photo electronic control units and accessories exceeds all specifications for street lighting applications including hazardous areas, floodlighting, traffic control or safety camera power, school crossing beacons and flashing warning signs to name but a few.

Special Photocells & Accessories

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We believe in working closely with our customers, forming productive partnerships where we can deliver clear and lasting value - through innovation, service and quality.

Our Royce Thompson products have been designed with high quality components, and are manufactured in an ISO controlled environment to ensure long standing performance, and reliability in operation.

Product development by skilled engineers is effectively supported by professional, knowledgeable sales and customer service teams, to ensure our customers achieve the best possible value in their installations.


To find out more about how Royce Thompson photocells can help you, please feel free to contact us on 

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