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RTS Design are pleased to offer specialised design and draughting services to the Facade, Cladding and Construction Industry. Our draughting services extend to Developers, Architects, Main Contractors, System suppliers and fabricators. Please review our services which can be found by using the navigation bar on the right hand side of this web page, should you been unsure on any aspect please contact us in order that we may best assist you with your requirements.

Facade Design

As façade consultants we are able to provide a whole wall solution to your envelope requirements.
Full or part design, procurement and fabrication packages for system based, curtain walling, glazing and cladding solutions.

Whether System or Bespoke Design RTS Design have a comprehensive knowledge and experience of differing Curtain Walling, Glazing and Cladding together with the under lying substrate.

Design include full attendance and liaison with other project team members. Full interface detailing and drawings to approval. Fabrication drawings and procurement schedules as required.

Many clients require only our experience to extend their in house drawing expertise and or capacity, a role in which we again will provide you with tailored packages to suit.

In line with our own expertise at RTS Design we have specialist structural engineers that we have worked with over many years with whom we have developed a mutual understanding of the application of structural principles to detailed knowledge of façades.

Outside direct involvement of the design, we also offer project management and QA services associated with vetting and checking of design works.

Bespoke design

RTS Design are proud to have been involved with many architectural bespoke cladding and glazing projects. Works involved are from concept to completion including full site coordination. Our project pages demonstrate the wide variety of such undertakings.

Dimensional Surveys

Accurate Setting Out, Control, Line, Level and dimensional Surveying is crucial to the success of high tolerance facade development and provides essential data for analysis of envelope sizing, component sizing, bracketry and sub frame design.
From the outset of the company, RTS Design have carried out such specialized dimensional surveying as a stand alone service or a part of our tailored packages.

In many instances we are called upon to provide these services to ensure that other design teams can complete their works with confidence. Our broader experience ensures that the results and any subsequent analysis is presented clearly and specifically to match the façade system and/or designer's requirements.

On numerous occasions, we have been employed as a third party to resolve and coordinate setting out disputes or in an expert witness capacity.


Our consultants with in house specialist knowledge of not only the façade environment but also building construction we regularly support developers and building management companies in terms of:

Façade refurbishment/replacement
Maintenance, repair and dilapidations
Viability and cost appraisals
Investigative surveys and testing
RTS Design acts as specialist consultants to the façade industry

In this role RTS Design carries out diagnostic analysis for insurance or contractual claim situations.

Visual inspections are carried out with reports provided outlining the existence of problems either with proposed solutions or advice on further investigations or by advising on and monitoring any physical testing that may be required.

RTS Design consultants provide a total envelope solution. we can provide an independent check on subcontractor designs and, in particular, head off interface problems at the design stage saving costly façade failures and contractual problems at a later stage.

Acting for the end client or the contractor RTS Design ensures that the whole design process is coordinated between the various aspects of the façade.

Quality Assurance and inspections are carried out on site to ensure that the installation is carried out according to the design principles and pull out testing can be arranged.

Headed by Pal Atkar and Steve Foster, both of whom have completed the MSc in Façade Engineering at Bath University run by the CWCT, RTS Design offers its services to clients and contractors alike.


RTS Design installs small to medium rainscreen facades using composite panels (alucobond, reynobond etc), aluminium rainscreen systems (a full range of Hunter Douglas products) and bespoke aluminium cladding drawing on a vast experience of bespoke designs.

In this area we are not a general contractor and are thus not competitive for straightforward facades.

We do small but tricky ones that require intensive survey and design input and have to be carefully handled, where quality is more important than programme and the end result is paramount.

During this process we would also check interfaces with other contractors and insist on coordinating, setting out and design as the success of these type of projects hinges on this careful co-ordination. 

Steel Windows

One highly specialised area of heritage windows and new building aesthetics still lies in Steel Windows, due to their unique classical look, slim sight lines, strength and most of all durability. RTS Design has developed a large involvement in the both design and replacement requirements in this field.

3D Mods

RTS Design offers and uses 3D modelling and parametric design solutions for complex geometry and particularly curved facades.

By utilising a number of differing software packages, some of which are drawn from the auto and aerospace industries, and adapting the technology to the needs of the construction and façade industry, key benefits to both project and product development can be realised.

From the outset of concept or development design 3D modelling produces:

Accurate visualisation of the design intent prior to construction and manufacture based on real 1:1 modelled design
Powerful interactive parameter changes for testing, exploration and investigation of what if scenarios
Comprehensive update of all information across the board at the point of any design change. A particularly important aspect of any subsequent update to produced spreadsheets and 2D drawings etc
Solution of complex geometry and curvature
Interfacing, spatial interaction and build sequencing produces confident technically design solutions and
Fuller understanding of installation requirements and restrictions therein
Over and above traditional 2D, AutoCAD design and semi automated or manual scheduling, the 3D modelling data outputs full excel styled spreadsheet information to hand. The relationship between model and output can be set to be bidirectional and therefore changes made in one will be reflected in the other. Benefit are improved and enhanced

Integration and tie up with other manufacturing processes giving direct output to:

CNC, CAM outputs
Production of 2D manufacturing drawings, the basis of which can equally be bidirectional
Procurement and manufacturing schedules
Many advanced analysis features are built directly into 3D modelling software or provide the crucial information for more specialist software and facilitate

Enhanced Product and System development through:

R & D simulation, and effects of parametric variations
Component material analysis, such as stress, thermal performance, providing crucial and valuable product information prior to undertaking expensive testing procedures
Concept to prototype to full production requirements

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