Rubinetterie Del Friuli

Rubinetterie del Friuli: 60 Years Working Together With A Family  - Our italian company has a long experience in taps and fittings for large systems appliances, offering a wide range of products for the professional catering market.

For years we have followed an evolutionary path expanding the production structure, iinvesting continuously in technology, adopting effective and efficient work methodologies, providing technical staff training, with the primary aim of delivering a state-of-the-art high quality product.In 2001, we opened a new headquarters with various manufacturing departments for the various stages of machining, such as cutting, bending, welding, testing and packaging, and with new offices (technical, administrative and managerial).Our family, already the third generation in the management and direction of the company, by ensuring the continuity of the values of seriousness, professionalism and dynamism that have made our success to date in the field of catering at the international level.

We design and manufacture taps and fitting for professional appliances, offering a wide range of articles for the professional catering market, such as:

  • Taps for sinks

  • Shower units

  • Nozzles

  • Drain cocks

  • Steam pressure safety valves

  • Drain and overflow pipes

  • Hinges for lids

  • Stop and level cocks

  • Accessories and spare parts

Taps, traditional and lever mixers, are supplied in all parts and fully functional, packaged and delivered ready for sale.Each production stage is optimized, raw materials are selected, most processes are automated and their costs controlled, so the product offered to the final user has an excellent quality with a very competitive price.

Thanks to the support of our technicians and designers and through the mutual and continuous exchange of experiences with our customers, we are able to conceive new products and custom solutions, providing high quality and reliable services.

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Z.I. del Cosa, 1 SPILIMBERGO - ITALY 33097 Italy