Running Imp

Running Imp is a mail order company that supplies event organisers with everything that they would require to stage their event from all under one roof – a one-stop-shop.

We predominantly supply equipment to running events; from event signage, branding and competitor identification to finisher’s medals, mementoes, trophies and awards and over the last 10 years have extended our services to include charities, councils and many different sporting organisations.

Customers range from individuals who are organising small village fun runs, right through to some of the world’s most prestigious city marathons. We install, support, maintain and provide onsite personnel to man 55 timing clocks lining the course of the Virgin London Marathon each year.

The company is renowned for specialising in the design and production of bespoke medals, not only supplying events all over the UK but now throughout Europe and as far away as Mexico and New Zealand as their reputation for service, advice, choice and value grows.

Each year the company produces over 2 million medals and trophies which were custom designed and engraved from our premises in Lincoln.

It is a family run business, with both the CEO’s and a senior manager representing the family amongst the operational team. The entire board of directors are made up of individuals who have lived and worked in Lincoln all their working lives and are extremely proud of their company’s contribution to the local community.

We are proud that our 'one-stop-shopping' policy and 4 key aims of serviceadvicechoice and value have truly stood the test of time for over 29 years, and as we continue on our journey would like to thank all our customers and to everyone who has supported us over the years.

Running Imp Overview