In a market of numerous Printed Circuit Board providers, the eminent balance of quality, value and cost sets us apart. At RUSH PCB, we combine more than 15 years of experience with meticulous attention to client’s demands to turn ideas into reality. It doesn’t matter whether you just want us to assemble a PCB or design it from the scratch, our seasoned engineers pursue the excellence in designing, assembling and testing Printed Circuit Boards keeping your desires in focus with necessary communication. RUSH PCB carries the prowess to manufacture 2 to 32 layered Printed Circuit Boards in small and bulk quantities for local and global supply. We also address the specialty orders that involve superior layer count and use of unconventional materials. RUSH PCB does not put the badge of ‘Best Printed Circuit Boards in UK’ for no reason. With hundreds of satisfied clients all over UK and around the globe, we know how to put innovation and engineering on a printed circuit board of any kind. Our exceptional range of services includes, but is not limited to, Prototype PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, Flex and Rigid PCB , Blind and Buried Vias and PCB Turnkey

Prototype PCB

We manufacture high quality and reliable prototype PCB.

PCB Assembly

We offer high standard rapid services for PCB Assembly.

Flex PCB

Flex PCB is one of the best products of our company.

PCB Turnkey

Contact us for PCB Turnkey solutions.

Blind and Buried Vias

We design excellent blind and buried vias

Rigid PCB

We deal in manufacturing high quality rigid PCB.

Printed Circuit Board

Specializes in printed circuit board manufacturing and PCB assembly, including prototype and production circuit boards.

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PCB Design

we design PCBs ranging from 2 to 32 layers as specified by the customer. The design services we offer are explicit and they fit all your specifications with a high efficiency guaranteed on each PCB we deliver. 

pcb manufacturing

Single sided, double sided or multi-layer. printed circuit boards. single sided,double sided or multi-layer. We'll make your PCB manufacturing.

hdi pcb

Our engineers will be pleased to assist you with the engineering and design of your HDI PCBs.

electronic manufacturers

Electronic manufacturing services, Full Turnkey PCB Assembly for 15 years

bga assembly

Expert in BGA (Ball Grid Array) assembly services and one stop destination for all your BGA assembly services.

electronic manufacturers

We Design and Manufacture World-Class Electronics in UK


Good Quality Circuit Boards and Arrive in a Short Time with Reasonable Price!

Circuit Board

Over 15 years of manufacturing circuit boards our capabilities and reputation to fabricate complex multi-layer designs make us a leader in the PCB industry.

RushPCB UK Overview