Russell Finex Ltd

Russell Finex has benefited from over 80 years of flourishing growth to become an international group employing over 200 direct employees. We provide fine mesh separation technology, designing and manufacturing of a range of products used in almost any processing industry.

As a worldwide leader in manufacturing and supplying innovative separation equipment, our high quality vibratory sieves and industrial liquid filters aim to improve product quality and ensure that your powders and liquids are free from contamination.

Filter products and services

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  1. Automatic, Self Cleaning Filters

    Automatic, Self Cleaning Filters
    Here at Russell Finex, we offer Filters - Automatic, Self Cleaning
  2. Automatic Cleaning Filter

    Automatic Cleaning Filter
    Our automatic cleaning filters completely automate your liquid filtration process, Improves safety by eliminating operator contact with potentially hazardous products, Instantly saves you money - the system dramatically reduces good product loss, it reduces labor costs as no manual supervision is needed, it is simple to integrate into your plant via Serial, USB or Bluetooth connectivity, it has a back lit LCD display and simple menu structure for quick and easy setup and operation and easily retrofits to all types of filters.
  3. Automatic Filtration

    Automatic Filtration
    The system continuously monitors your filtration process, enabling the filter to run efficiently w Two pressure transmitters, mounted on both inlet and outlet connections, allow the system to monitor the differential pressure across the filter element as well as the upstream line pressure. The system can also be set up to operate the valves on a timed basis, without operator involvement. This means reduced labour costs and increased productivity.

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  4. Bakery Equipment

    Bakery Equipment
    Here at Russell Finex, we offer Bakery Equipment
  5. Bespoke Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

    Bespoke Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
    Here at Russell Finex, we offer Bespoke Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
  6. Bespoke Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

    Bespoke Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines
    Here at Russell Finex, we offer Bespoke Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines
  7. Cartridge Filter Elements

    Cartridge Filter Elements
    Here at Russell Finex, we offer Filter Elements - Cartridge
  8. Centrifugal Screener

    Centrifugal Screener
    Material is fed into the feed inlet and redirected into the cylindrical sifting chamber by means of a feed screw. Rotating, helical paddles within the chamber continuously propel the material against the screen, while the resultant, centrifugal force on the particles accelerates them through the apertures. These rotating paddles, which never make contact with the screen, also serve to breakup soft agglomerates. Over-sized particles and trash are ejected via the oversize discharge spout.

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  9. Centrifugal Separator

    Centrifugal Separator
    A centrifugal separator is a machine that uses centrifugal, gravitational, and inertial forces to divide two or more substances. This device can be used to separate solutions, gas mixtures, or other matter that can be physically parted. Centrifugal separation occurs when a mixture in the machine's chamber is spun very quickly, and heavy materials typically settle differently than lighter ones. Centrifugal separators have a wide variety of applications, in many industries.

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  10. Centrifuge, Liquid Separation, Extraction and Washing Filters

    Centrifuge, Liquid Separation, Extraction and Washing Filters
    Here at Russell Finex, we offer Filters - Centrifuge, Liquid Separation, Extraction and Washing