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We have considerable experience of working with dental practices, so we understand the way they are structured, compliance and regulatory issues and the types of operational problems they can face.

As well as providing advice by phone and email, we can also come to our clients’ premises to help them resolve problems at their place of business.

Why work with us?

The top reasons people say they like working with us are:

• the quality of our work and of our service
• we have the personal touch, getting to know our clients and their business
• we are highly knowledgeable and highly commercial in our approach
• we respond quickly to queries
• our advice is clear, helpful and robust
• we make regular and proactive contact and go the extra mile
• we educate clients and help them understand how they can manage their businesses better
• we sort out problems and add real value to the bottom line

We are proud to say that over 90% of our work is repeat or referred.

Services and Products

Do all of your employees meet all of your reasonable standards nearly all the time? No? Then you have some work to do. After they start working with us, our clients find that the answer to the question posed above becomes a resounding "Yes!" That means their bottom line looks better, their productivity increases and their time is freed up.

Retained HR

Our retained HR services gives you a fixed fee plan which means you get unlimited HR support, proactive and robust advice so your risks are reduced, you save time and enjoy peace of mind. You can plan your finances and know exactly what you’ll get for your investment.

The contents of each retained service are tailored to meet the individual organisation’s needs.
Typically they include:

• a site visit to meet the team and learn about your business;
• an HR audit to assess where you are now and where you need to be;
• unlimited HR advice, confirmed in writing;
• a review and update of employment documents;
• provision of correspondence, policies and procedures;
• employment law updates in clear English;
• regular education and training;
• conversations with a friendly, understanding and knowledgeable advisor.

HR Hotline

If you already have HR resources in-house, but just want to take expert advice or simply to have a sounding board from time-to-time, this is the service for you. This is also an excellent option if you know you need some HR help but have a very limited budget.

Bespoke HR Support

In addition to our fixed fee retained HR Hotline, Russell HR Consulting offers bespoke HR solutions. If you want to work with us to address a one-off issue or ask us to tackle work for you on a project basis, our bespoke HR service gives you the flexibility you need.

Employment law training

Escalating compensation, rapidly changing legislation and greater employee awareness of their rights make employment law the daily equivalent of walking a tightrope for a busy company. You can significantly reduce the risk of a legal challenge in your workplace by attending our practical workshops. Russell HR Consulting provides a range of practical employment law training for line managers and HR professionals.

How do we deliver advice?

Advice can be delivered by phone (we write to confirm our advice), by email or face-to-face. That means that if you want to meet to talk through issues, or want us to carry out recruitment, chair an investigation or a discipline meeting, we can do so.

Let’s Meet Up!

If you’re worried about the way your HR support is being delivered, why not have a chat with one of our team. Once you’ve had the chance to meet and chat things through you’ll have a much better idea of our style and knowledge and you’ll also know that if you do decide to work with us, you’ll be in safe hands.

Give us a call or email us and we’ll be delighted to make a date to visit you. Our contact details are shown at the foot of the page
HR Products

Skills and knowledge are vital to ensure a cost-effective, efficient workplace. Coming out of our experience we have created a wide range of products which help you understand how to manage HR issues in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

In paperback and in E-book format
How to Get Top Marks in … Managing Poor Work Performance
How to Get Top Marks in … Tackling Workplace Investigations

How to Get Top Marks in … Making Redundancies
How to Get Top Marks in … Managing Discipline and Dismissal
How to Get Top Marks in … Recruiting the Right Person
How to Get Top Marks in … Reducing Short Term Sickness Absence

Audio/webinar training
Recruiting the Right People   

Essential Employment Tool Kits - resources and training materials for trainers
Dignity at Work   Managing Short Term Absence
Recruitment Interviewing  Handling Grievances at Work
Managing the Disciplinary Process Tackling Poor Work Performance
Dealing with Appeals    Carrying Out Effective Performance Reviews
How to Carry Out a Workplace Investigation

Employment templates
A large selection of employment templates is available on our website.


About Kate Russell, BA, Barrister,MA

Kate Russell is an employment law and HR expert, public speaker and author who has become known as the HR headmistress.

Having come from an operations role, worked in HR and training, then gone back to operations (as a business owner who happens to run an HR consultancy), she can see problems from all viewpoints and takes an unusually robust and pragmatic approach to HR. “HR’s function should add value to an organisation. It’s a business role in exactly the same way as finance and IT. HR should facilitate organisational performance, mentor and coach managers to ensure that employees are achieving optimum performance (too often HR ends up doing this work for them).”

Kate’s enthusiasm and evident enjoyment of employment law make her a sought after trainer; the unusual combination of legal background, direct line management experience and HR skills, enables her to present the stringent requirements of the law balanced against the realities of working life, seasoned with a narrative style and sharp sense of humour.   She is a senior presenter for several companies and a popular public speaker.

Kate has written numerous articles and a number of books, including How to Get Top Marks in ... Managing Poor Work Performance (2010); How to Get Top Marks in ... Tackling Workplace Investigations (2011) and her blog was voted third best in UK in 2011. In 2012 she created The Essential Tool Kits for Trainers.

Kate is frequently featured in national and industry media for her expert knowledge and opinions on HR and employment related subjects. She has guested as Metro newspaper's HR columnist and has been quoted in the FT, The Times, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Guardian, HRzone and Businesszone, as well as numerous management and HR journals and webzines.

About Kate Russell, BA, Barrister,MA

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