Rutland Plastics Ltd


We are specialist plastic injection moulders. We have the ability to help with many different plastic injection moulding requirements. As experienced plastic injection moulders, we provide a full range of services including design, protoyping, mould making, injection moulding, assembly and machining.

We are a financially secure plastics injection moulding company with over 60 years experience. We work in partnership with all of our customers to ensure they receive the perfect finished products.

Plastic Moulders

We are specialist and renowned plastic moulders. We are experts in producing large and thick section mouldings and offer gas assisted injection moulding.

As experienced plastic moulders, we have the ability to mould parts from a few grams in weight up to 48kgs. We even produce products more than 100mm thick in some cases.

Injection Moulding Design

We provide an unbeatable injection moulding design serviceOur injection moulding design service saves time and money as we have the knowledge and experience to produce suitable plastic moulding designs from the outset. We have over 60 years of experience in the injection moulding of plastic components. As part of our injection moulding design service, we provide advice and quotes from a simple sketch or 3D computer model.

We have an injection moulding design guide to provide customers with general advice on designing products and components for plastic injection moulding.

Free Plastic Moulding Advice

We provide free plastic moulding advice and no obligation quotations.

Our free plastic moulding advice service allows you to experience how we work with you to save money on your plastic moulding requirements.

Our products are ISO 9001:2008,  ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 13485:2012 accredited and quality is assured.


Plastic Mould Tools

We manufacture plastic mould tools in-house. This provides you with a cost-effective method of plastic tool making.

During the process of making plastic mould tools, we work closely with our design and production teams to ensure the finished product is perfect. The finished product is not approved until it meets the optimum performance specifications.

For larger plastic mould tools, we offer overseas manufacturing meeting the same specifications as UK manufactured tools.

Should your plastic mould tool require emergency attention, our on-site facilities ensure minimum disruption to the production process.  Modifications to the tooling are carried out quickly and economically with plastic injection moulding technical support provided all the way.

Rapid Prototyping

Using a Statasys Object Connex 350, we can produce high resolution prototypes with smooth surfaces and fine details.

We are also able to combine two different prototyping materials in differing proportions, meaning we can simulate a wide variety of different grades of polymer.

We produce finished prototypes as life like as the final manufactured item. Its form fit and function can then be accurately tested. We can economically manufacture anything from a one off prototype to a quantity of 10 - 20 parts.

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