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At SAAW, we offer a range of services targeted to meet your occupational safety and risk management needs. We are a health and safety consultancy that offers a nationally-tailored service with outstanding customer support.

As health and safety consultants, we provide training and workplace welfare solutions designed to suit your organisation. With our expertise, guidance and professional resources, we can ensure your business will fully benefit from a team of highly qualified and skilled specialists.

Risk Management

To help your organisation, we can deploy a team of highly qualified and competent risk managers to help you. Our risk service is known as HSD and starts with a free safety risk evaluation of your organisation.

Not only helping to reduce risk in your workplace, we will help develop a risk management system that works alongside your crisis management system.

Safety Services

Contact us today to see how our services can greatly aid and advance your business' safety services. We are focused on helping employers who have anywhere from five to 150 employees. We are ideally situated to help companies that are not able to hire their own health and safety operators. 

All of our safety services can provide you assessments and the health and safety policies to ensure your compliance with the requirements with the Health and Safety Executive.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

At SAAW Health and Safety Consultants, we are committed to ensuring that we offer a comprehensive service for all aspects of occupational health and safety, including portable appliance testing (PAT).

All of our portable appliance testing technicians are trained to the certification of the IEE standards and use the latest calibrated portable appliance test equipment.

Safety Training

When we provide safety training for clients and companies like yours, our training consultants and personnel are registered with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health as professional trainers. Our safety training courses have been trialled for a decade and have proven a success in the reduction of accidents in the workplace.

CDM Coordinators

With a committment to your safety, we offer a comprehensive services for all aspects of occupational health and safety including CDM. All of our CDM coordinators are experienced in the coordination of CDM projects.

Our service is designed to ensure the client and others have met their CDM obligations under current legislation.

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