We have a vast selection of air conditioners in different sizes and suitable for a diverse selection of industries. Most of our air conditioners are built to order from a large selection of manufactures. Our stock is always changing and being updated so please contact us for more information on any of our products.

A selection of the air generators we supply are as listed but we currently have even more listed in our catalogue:

  • VoxRatio 32KW KCS32 Air Cooled Condenser
  • VoxRatio 55KW MT055U Precision Air Conditioner
  • VoxRatio 40KW MT040U Precision Air Conditioner
  • VoxRatio 70KW MT070U Precision Air Conditioner
  • VoxRatio 36KW KCS36 Air Cooled Condenser.


At SABC UK, we ensure you are getting the most competitive prices for batteries which can be used across a huge selection of industries. All our batteries are designed to provide optimal performance as well as offering protection from potential power disturbances, making them ideal for such applications as emergency lighting, security systems, industry controls and minor traction to name a few.

Most of our batteries are available on request, and can be delivered free of charge if a suitable order is placed. For more information on any of our stock or batteries please contact us.



We have multiple generators that offer excellent run times, low noise level, bunded fuel tanks and compact storage, as well as various prices and accessories. Most of our generators are suitable for either industrial or home users, who require temporary or permanent back up. As part of our stock list of generators we currently stock AC generators, pumps, accessories and maintenance, ensuring you are well covered with all your generator needs. For more information on any of our services please contact us.



If you are looking for inverters which offer high efficiency, reliability and compact designs, with a wide assortment of accessories then look no further. At SABC UK we stock a huge choice of inverters that provide a whole host of unique features from solar panel power generation networks to advanced DSP control technology.

Our investors are easy to install, as well as offering the ability to generate free clean electricity using PV panels. A selection of invertors we currently stock are:

  • VOXRATIO Mak 1.5KW Single Phase Solar Inverter
  • VOXRATIO Mak 2KW Single Phase Solar Inverter
  • VOXRATIO Mak 17KW Three Phase Solar Inverter
  • VOXRATIO Mal 4KW Single Phase Solar Inverter.


Our LED street lighting offers different hours of lighting of renewable energy. Each street light offers various wind turbines, solar panels, and battery pack storage, ensuring you are getting the right renewable energy solution for you.

Each street light comes with a great variety of accessories which include fixations, cables, solar brackets, anchor cage, lamp arms and packing materials to name a few. Average working times are around 10 hours per day working continuously for 4-5 rainy and overcast days.


About Us

The thing about us which sets us apart from everyone else is our dedicated supply of specialist portable generators, batteries and racks, amongst many more exceptional products at affordable prices. Our catalogue is ever changing, with new suppliers and products being added all the time ensuring you are always up to date on the latest and greatest products from a range of industries.

Where possible we will always try to source our products from the UK. This means you will be getting cheaper shipping and overall cost for the same outstanding products. For any more information please contact us.

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