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The S.A.D. Lightbox Company is the longest established company in the UK to design and manufacture lightboxes specifically for S.A.D. As the UK pioneers and experts in the field of light therapy our ‘firsts’ include:
  • Installing the original treatment rooms at both the Maudsley and Charing Cross Hospitals in London and continue to supply NHS hospitals and clinics throughout the UK
  • Gaining Medical Certification to comply with European Legislation under EC93/42
  • Gained ISO 13485 the Medical Quality Standard
  • To give a 30 day Home Trial Period  - so that you can assess if light therapy works for you

S.A.D Light Boxes

S.A.D Light Boxes

Replacement Tubes and Accessories

SAD Sufferers are exempt from VAT and will need to agree to the declaration statement in the checkout. If you suffer from SAD or are purchasing on behalf of a SAD sufferer please choose the VAT free items. For full details of VAT exemption please see the VAT Exemption Guide.

Replacement Tubes and Accessories

Full Spectrum Lights and Bulbs

The Benefits of Full Spectrum Light:

  • Reduces eyestrain, headaches and tiredness – important in homes, offices, hospitals and educational establishments
  • Improves performance, and helps create a happier environment
  • Colours can be seen accurately as they would be in natural light, an important consideration for printers, retailers, designers, artists, kitchens and many other working environments.
  • The tubes last much longer than ordinary fluorescent tubes.
  • Available in a range of sizes from 15watt to 70watt
  • A direct replacement for conventional fluorescent tubes – just check the wattage on your existing tube to get the exact size.
  • It is recommended that you change the starters when you change to full spectrum tubes as this will increase the life of the tube.
Full Spectrum Lights and Bulbs

Special Offers - Lightboxes and Our Full Range

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Special Offers

Special Offers - Lightboxes and Our Full Range

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