Safa Management Services Ltd

Safa Management Services Ltd is a business partner of a tier 1 telecommunications carrier, a telecommunications service provider and a number of telecommunication software and hardware suppliers.   We  offer:-   For clients wanting traditional telephony services with a more personal support
  • Competitive call charges and Line rental reduction of 12% for those still using BT for line rental
  • An 0845 number which will have no rental or call charge to you. (0800 / 0870/premium rate numbers are also available).  (This helps manage incoming calls, provide for disaster recovery, gives you information on calls including missed calls, etc.)
  • A fax to e-mail service and an e-mail to fax service which eliminates the need for a fax machine, dedicated fax line, etc. Each member of staff can have his own fax number to receive and send faxes from his PC
  • ADSL/ SDSL and a full range of Internet services
  • If any employees work from home and recharge business calls these can be automatically listed and charged to the organisation's account at the company call charge rates. The calls are fully itemised / listed under the callers number for control purposes while eliminating administrative effort in handling reimbursement for these calls
  • Automatic Telephone Preference Service Screening.
   For clients wanting 21st century telephony services moving to converged data and voice solutions  
  • Automatic back up of files / e-mails to secure locations for disaster recovery
  • Full call analysis  (Extension billing, trunk usage, missed calls, answer response times, etc.) to save purchasing and maintaining call analysis software / hardware and the call charges shown are based on the billed charges so are more accurate than a call logger
  • Leased lines and/or direct connections to further reduce costs. (Existing BT leased lines can be novated to reduce rental charges.)
  • Call navigator to route calls automatically to the most appropriate person even when at another location which can be in another country
  • Creating a virtual private network for landlines and mobiles. (Must have more than 10 mobiles)
  • IP Centrex
  • Competitive mobile telephone price plans for business users
  • MPLS, VoIP
  • Ethernet connections to give converged capacity of 8Mb to 100Mb 
  • IP extension phone using the DDI number
  • Messaging service which allows calls, faxes & e-mails to be diverted to any web enabled computer with changes in destination effected in real time
  • Instant Conferencing to allow conferencing between parties without set up charges
  • Mobile calls at landline rates
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