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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Bearings & Tolerance Ring Group, is a global division supplying high volume products to international OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in various markets.

Backed by the proud heritage of product innovation, technology, advanced material and market leadership, we are dedicated to working with our customers using our engineering expertise to deliver standard and custom solutions in NORGLIDE® plain bearings, NORSLIDE® cable liners and compounds, and RENCOL® tolerance rings -- products that meet the most demanding automotive and other industry applications.

Our Product Solutions contribute to save energy, protect the environment, increase lifetime, and improve performance.


Products-Brands You Can Depend On

We offer customised solutions to designers and provide fast, efficient access to a comprehensive range of products.  Our well-known brands include NORGLIDE®, RENCOL® -- brands that provide you with the utmost in confidence and value to all your applications. 

Composite Bearings

Self-lubricating, lead free, plain bearings, custom manufactured to reduce maintenance and lower friction -- available with a flexible bearing tape or metallic backing.

SOLGLIDE® Bearings

High-performance bearings, engineered and tailor made for Concentrated Solar Power Units (CSPs). Special developed compounds guarantee the lowest friction and lowest stick-slip effects for smooth movements and high wear resistance.

Cable Liners

PTFE liner for control cables -- a high quality sliding tubing designed with superior flex life, excellent resilience and maintenance-free design.

Tolerance Rings

Precision spring fasteners that are press fitted between two mating components. This generates a retention force that fixes those components together while also satisfying other functional requirements.


Corrugated metal strips that act as radial fasteners offering a low, cost effective retention solution for joining mating cylindrical parts. These frictional fasteners assemble quickly and provide retention to securely mount bearings and other components while compensating for small amounts of misalignment and thermal expansion.


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Products-Brands You Can Depend On

Our Products Benefit These Markets-Applications

Markets / Applications


  • Automotive: Solutions for an impressively wide range of automotive uses from hinges to steering systems to seating mechanisms, powertrain and more.
  • Bicycle: Corrosion resistant materials for various bicycle components such as headset, brake lever, forks, pedals, derailleurs, suspension and more.
  • Electric Motors: Numerous benefits resulting in significant commercial savings to OEMS.
  • Home Appliance:  A wide range of applications/uses in bearing/bush mounts, fan mount, sensor mount, stator mount, etc.
  • Hard Disk Drive: Significantly improves resonance and torque ripple performance in hard disk drives.
  • Industrial Valves: Various applications in industrial pump and valve applications.
  • Solar: Fulfills the highest corrosion requirements for concentrated solar power units.

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Our Products Benefit These Markets-Applications

About Saint-Gobain

About Us

With 15 sites and six R&D centres globally, the Bearings & Tolerance Rings Group provides engineer-to-engineer solutions in motion to high volume international OEMs.  We provide advanced materials and market leadership, dedicated to working with customers to deliver standard and custom product solutions. 

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