Eliminating the time, cost and complexity of accessing and analyzing your business data, sales-i empowers your sales team to be the very best.

And because our business intelligence software also identifies and flags up potential competitive threats and predicts competitor activity via automatic text and email alerts, not only do your sales people get to the sale fast, they get there first.

It all makes sales-i the smart business intelligence software to reel in drifting customers, cut product leakage, spot cross-selling, up-selling, link-selling and switch-selling opportunities in an instant – all while maximizing your share of customer spend, enhancing client relationships and retention and boosting profitability.

Reel in drifting customers, spot leakage, identify selling opportunities and more

sales-i is provided on a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. With no hardware or infrastructure to buy, install, maintain or worry about. SaaS is simple and sales-i is easily accessible over any Internet connection, from any computer or any web enabled device – any time, anywhere.

When it comes to security, compromise is not an option for sales-i. That is why we partner only with the very best, and why we carefully research and hand-pick only partners with the highest possible security and service credentials.

As the single sales development tool that integrates your hard business data with your soft data – that is, your customer relationship management data – sales-i accepts and collates the two, giving a complete picture of your customer, prospect and sales team transactions.

It works by:

  1. An automated task extracts your daily transactions from your in house accounting system which sales-i then accepts overnight.
  2. This transaction data is then processed into your company cube using the sales-i cloud.
  3. sales-i then monitors your customer's buying behaviour, alerting your sales team to every opportunity and competitive threat.

Whilst the three steps above complete your hard data requirements, sales-i will also be accepting and collating your customer relationship management “soft data”.

This data will be mashed up with your hard data to give the complete picture of your customer, prospect and sales team transactions.

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