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If you are looking for the most promising and profitable business opportunities available then we can help. We are a reliable outsourced sales leads team. Our professional service enables us to hunt out business opportunities for you that will provide you with a consistency in flow of brand new sales leads and opportunities.

Building a healthy pipeline is not easy as it requires resources, experience and the motivation to continually follow up on leads. It is a time and money consuming operation we can alleviate. Our outsourced sales leads service is comprehensive and professional. So if you are looking for more sales leads, contact us now.

Outsourced Sales

If you need someone to recruit and manage your sales for you, we have the outsourced sales solutions to meet every requirement.

We have unrivalled and renowned experience in many areas of outsourced sales solutions which include:

  • Telemarketing - we find and collate intelligence and then promote your business/product
  • Appointment organisation
  • Sales follow-up - to make sure your prospects receive all of the required information and are continually contacted
  • Field sales - to gain orders and create new business
Outsourced Sales

Sales Lead Generation

Our sales lead generation solutions are comprehensive and versatile. They are built to suit any requirements.

These sales lead generation skills and techniques are created via three processes:

  • Identifying and profiling the markets target prospects
  • Contacting the key decision maker - we include a number of approaches to the prospect to ensure the decision maker is correctly identified
  • Consistent follow ups and continual contact with the decision makers unless they are ready to commit straight away
Sales Lead Generation

CRM Pipeline Management

CRM systems are an important tool in gaining and maintaining sales leads. Updating CRM systems can be a time consuming and chore-like process. That is where we can help. Our CRM pipeline management skills and knowledge mean we can professionally manage your CRM system or even aid you in installing a new system.

Our complete CRM pipeline management service includes:

  • Recording all contacts and decision makers
  • The tracking of prospects buying habits so that a lead never slips through the net
CRM Pipeline Management

Pay Per Lead

We are more than happy to work on a pay per lead service.

We will work with you to create a risk and reward structure that focuses on and maximises quality and consistency of service. We are always on hand to consider selling your services and products at rates below the market level for a small percentage of the business we create for you.

This pay per lead service decreases the possibility of any initial risk for you substantially.

Pay Per Lead

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