Salop Cash Registers Co


With over 30 years' experience in the industry we are an established dealer for cash registers. Regarding supplying, repairing or servicing look no further as we can cover all bases so contact us now for more information.

EPOS Tills

Our EPOS tills here at Salop Cash Registers are reliable and quality products to exchange goods and services for cash. Visit our extensive range available on our website for more information.

EPOS Rental

As opposed to purchasing our EPOS tills we also offer rental for our products as it serves an alternative works out to be initially cheaper than an outright purchase.

Cash Registers

Cash registers have survived the test of time and here at Salop Cash Registers they are still going strong. We provide a range of different cash registers perfect for any business or organisation.

EPOS Repairs & Programming

As some of our services, we offer the repairs and programming of our EPOS systems. As with most technology it can break down and to keep you covered we can repair or program any of your systems or cash registers if bought from Salop.

ICR Touch Software

The beauty of ICR Touch Software is that it does not only serve as a cash register as it has other functions, primarily with bars and restaurants in mind; you can have table plans and options to show whether tables are occupied or not.

So for an advance and step up from previous cash registers please contact us or visit our website for more information.

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