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For over 100 years STL has been at the forefront of engineering technology, supplying intelligent, cost-effective precision engineering solutions for manufacturing industries across the world.

From sophisticated bonding of base and precious metals, to bespoke process optimisation, our unique blend of technology, experience and knowledge, enables us to create effective cost driven solutions to address the most complex of manufacturing challenges.


Rolled products, Cold heading, Welded contact assemblies, Bimetal tapes, Bimetallic strip, Pressings, Stampings, Contact materials

Bimetal contact rivets

STL offers a full range of solid and bimetal precious metal alloy contact rivets, ranging in diameter from 2.5mm to 10mm. These can be supplied directly or auto-assembled at STL.

Bimetal contact rivets

Rolled Strip

Our cold-clad process allows for very thin silver layers to be deposited with pinpoint precision minimising the amount of precious metal needed.
Our unique throughlay process provides the fuse industry with an alternative product to solid silver with a significant reduction in direct costs. The use of seam welding is preferred in some applications, especially where lower volumes are involved.

These products can be supplied in large accurately dimensioned coils for our customers’ own stamping operation, or alternatively, we can manufacture the final component, delivering a quality, ready-to-use product at a reduced cost.

Rolled Strip

Stampings/Presswork/Tape welding

For customers wishing to concentrate their resources on switch design and construction, STL manufactures and supplies complete contact assemblies incorporating welded contacts.

Using high-speed presses from Germany and Switzerland, STL is able to offer cost-effective solutions for high volume applications, including Busbars, flat springs and clips.

Stampings/Presswork/Tape welding

Microprofile tape and wire

To minimise the use of precious metals, microprofile bi- and tri-metal tapes evolved. Tri-metal tapes in particular allow the use of minimum thicknesses of precious metal whilst maintaining good current carrying ability.

The product is supplied layer-wound on reels either with or without paper interleaving. STL can also supply components whereby the microprofile tape contact is welded in-house to the customer design requirement. Often we can advise the best technique and microprofile tape to use, to reduce cost by using special contact alloys such as AgCd, AgCu, AgSn oxides.
Microprofile tapes can be supplied as:

Solid tapes
Bimetal tapes
Tri-metal tapes
Tape welded parts


Microprofile tape and wire
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