Sanko Gosei Uk Ltd.

Sanko Gosei Vacuum Deposition Technology

Sanko Gosei have introduced a ‘state of the art’ high throughput magnetron sputtering facility, developed for applying a full range of materials in multi layers for various thin film coatings, as well as direct coating onto plastic, and glass substrates.

Key Process Benefits Include:-
  • Cold process suitable for coating thin films, glass and plastics
  • High deposition rates
  • High energy process leading to dense coatings
  • Drum geometry for more efficient loading
  • Deposition thickness is proportional to time
  • High process pressure compatible with wider range of materials
    Lower cost
Sanko offer a total design, development, and coating service.

Sanko have developed ‘ART’ (Anti Reflective Technology) films. These films have been developed for application via an ‘IML’ (In Mould Label) process for easy application and best product economics.

Dielectric, Conductive, Super Hydrophobic, IR coatings, and others.

Patent applications are in progress.

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