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We have developed, produced and maintained switchgear for almost 60 years, from 10A to 1,000A and up to 660V AC and 1000V DC, standard and bespoke switches. We are DC switch manufacturers  for Photovoltaics and can provide the solution you are looking for.

As an established DC switch manufacturer we provide the following quality DC switches:

  • X-type DC loose disconnect switches for PV
  • Silios enclosed on-load DC isolators for PV
  • The P-type DC switch disconnect
  • The E-type DC switch disconnect
  • The FCS AC/DC type switch disconnect

Rotary Switches

We supply various products for industry including the following:

  • Santon rotary switches
  • Packet switches.
  • Cam switches.
  • IP65 disconnector switches in mild steel, stainless steel and thermoplastic enclosures.
  • Heat resistant disconnector switches, 300 degrees for two hours.
  • Solar / photovoltaic DC disconnector switches.
  • Changeover and bypass switches for standby supplies including UPS and VO.
  • Circuit breakers, Sidunn retrofit kits.
  • Isolator switches
  • Control switches
  • Custom made switches

We specialise in Santon rotary switches and switch technology and supply many customer-specific solutions in the field of electro-mechanical switchgear. The solutions often concern situations where standard switches are not satisfactory or where standard switches must be adapted to meet customer requirements. We have our own development department for the development of switches. This department has competence in both electrical and mechanics, as well as a combination of both. The developments are manufactured by us, often by the fitting shop. By manufacturing the products ourselves, we have a unique combination of theory and practice.

Our main markets are the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and Spain. We have a branch in each of these countries, namely Santon Holland bv, Santon Switchgear Ltd. and Santon GmbH. All these branches are part of Santon Group bv.

 Rotary Switches

Switches in Enclosures

We design, produce, supply, and maintain a wide range of switches in enclosures.

Our range of switches in enclosures includes Silios PV switches for on-load switching of DC, Citadel switches for Heat Resistant and up to IP69, ATEX switches, Somerton switches 20A-125A, IP65 Shelter switches  20A-125A IP65 and EFI switches up to 1600A, IP65.

Special heavy duty enclosed isolator switches for steel plants, quarries etc are available upon request.

Switches in Enclosures

Retrofit Air Circuit Breakers

We can provide retrofit air circuit breakers ideal for quickly replacing obsolete and old circuit breakers.

With our conversion set, the existing air circuit breakers can be replaced within two to four hours allowing you to begin using the new, high-quality circuit breaker. Using the Schneider, Merlin Gerin NW & NT breakers, we can supply retrofit solutions for most obsolete and faulty ACB's of most manufacturers.

Retrofit Air Circuit Breakers

Isolator Switches

Isolator/Disconnector Switches

Isolator / Disconnector Switches

Used as a means of safely isolating electrical supplies to machinery, motors, air condition units, conveyor systems etc. so that qualified personnel can carry out maintenance, service or repairs in the knowledge that the supply is dead. Isolator/disconnector switches are usually lockable in the ‘off’ position by means of a padlock or hasp but can be key locked as well. The Santon range is from 10A to2,000A for both AC and DC circuits, 3 pole, 4 pole and 6 pole are standard but we can manufacture be-spoke solutions. IP65 to IP69 options are available and in both mild steel, stainless steel or GRP and GRN.


Isolator Switches
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