Sandbag filling machines

In civil and flood protection, dike protection, the German federal armed forces and civil engineering, bulk materials are being sagged with those since 1993.

Sand, gravel or grit are being filled. All needed sandbags, tandem-bags, BigBags and pouches complete our product range.

We offer filled and empty sandbags in small and great quantities.

Dosing devices

With our dosing devices, volume dosing units and sack filling and weighing machines, food products like grain are being efficiently filled in the agricultural industry. All machines and devices are suitable for any bulk material (e.g. pellets, rubber granulates, or bark mulch). Our devices are being used in civil engineering as well.


Service partner

As your service partner for flood windows, doors gates and protection systems, we also offer stationary flood protection services. Our offering includes protection of basement windows, light shafts, doors, gates and garages.

Flood boats

We offer flood boats, rescue boats as well as fast-setup tents in several sizes and versions not only for emergency situations, but also for leisure.

Our products: flood protection equipment, bag-filling machines, sack filling balances, sandbags for flood protection, flood walls, flood windows, flood control doors, flood control gates

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