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Sartorius Intec provides industrial weighing and control equipment to an international customer base covering all areas of industry. From silo scales, foreign body detection and safe solutions for hazardous and potentially explosive environments we also offer excellent service and support including training courses, corrective maintenance and a spare parts service.

Load Cells & Mounting Kits

Sartorius Intec offer a choice of mounting kits to ensure optimum performance from your load cells. Maintenance free and durable, they are quick and easy to install. We can also provide measuring cables and cable junction boxes specifically developed for use with electronic equipment. Our range of load cells is manufactured from aluminium or stainless steel and can be used in many applications including:

  • Bench and floor scales
  • Truck and weighbridge scales
  • Silos and process vessels

We also supply the PR 6202 - the world’s first compression load cell hygienically designed for use in food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Bench and Floor Scales

Sartorius Intec provide a selection of platform load cells which can be can be integrated into a variety of bench and floor scale applications including:

  • Belt weighers
  • Bench top scales
  • Counting scales
  • Checkweighers

Bench and floor scales come in a variety of sizes and so do our platform load cells. From the MP 70, available with platform sizes up to 350 x 350mm and a load range from 5 - 40kg through to the MP 72 with platform sizes up to 600 x 600mm and a 30 - 750kg load range we can help with your electronic weighing requirements.

Weighing Electronics

Whatever your weighing electronics requirements are, we have a range of products suitable for all areas of industry. Our range of scale indicators includes a series of high quality scales designed to meet the needs of the chemical, metal, electrical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Other weighing electronics products include process indicators, including one specifically designed for weighing silos, platforms or vehicle scales and process controllers which can be programmed for applications as diverse as batching, filling, counting, truck weighing and much more. We can also provide process transmitters, both digital and analogue and terminals suitable for use in hazardous areas.


Automatic or manual check weighers are used at the end of the production process to check the weight of packaged items and ensure that they meet specific weight requirements.

Sartorius’ selection of dynamic checkweighers includes a range specifically designed for the food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. Speedy, with a maximum throughput of 600 items per minute, special versions of this checkweigher and software are also available.

We also offer static check weighers including the Industrial Scales Midrics® range, ideal for use in the wet and industrial scales range from Signum®, rugged and resistant, perfect in any industrial environment.

Foreign Body Detectors

At Sartorius we offer different x-ray inspection systems for detecting foreign bodies in your products. The Dymond 40 and 120 x-ray detection systems are extremely energy efficient and designed for use in the food industry. Their crystal clear images and high accuracy make them easy to use and incredibly reliable. Any impurities can be quickly and easily removed. Other foreign body detectors include the Dyxim-FB series, a vertical beam system used to inspect cartons, plastic bags and bulk products and the Dyxim-D and S series whose horizontal beam systems are perfect for detecting foreign bodies in packaged food/drink items.

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