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Stock Explorer Plus - Modular stock Control for Manufacturers, Distributors and Warehousing Operations. Designed to be as flexible as you could possibly want. With prices starting from £250 for the Core Module and multiple add on modules, this is truly the best solution to your stock management requirements.

Key features include:

  • Modular system allowing you to select how complex your system will be.
  • Compatible with major accounts software packages such as Sage 50.
  • Complete stock and transactions monitoring.
  • Automatic order generation.
  • Invoicing facility.
  • Colour coded status displays.
  • Customised purchase orders and delivery notes.
  • Report generator with dozens of report types available.
  • Data import and export functions.
  • Bar coding and serial number feature.
  • Ability to assign pictures or files to part description.
  • Warehouse management option with multiple warehouse feature.

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