Saunders Displays (UK) Ltd


Saunders Displays, a family run company based in Barking, Essex, have been producing high quality point of sale (POS) display stands for over 45 years.

Specialising in acrylic, cardboard, plastic, and wire display stands, we stock a wide selection online for use in a range of industries. From card displays to magazine racks, we can supply all businesses, large or small, with the display solutions they require.

Greeting Card Display Stands

Our wide range of card display stands are suitable for use in small local card shops as well as by multi-national companies. Available in a range of designs and styles, we offer a number of solutions to store a wide range of cards.

Storing greeting cards in the correct way is essential for converting visitors into sales, and our range is designed to maximise this opportunity. Available for the counter top or as full floor standing options, our card display stands can meet the needs of all shop keepers and businesses.

Finished with sturdy wire and durable plastic coatings, each stand is designed to hold certain card dimensions and a number of cards in each holder. We can also make our stands to bespoke requirements if you desire.

Book Displays

Our range of book display stands is comprehensive, ensuring all forms of literature can be displayed to maximise sales. Each display stand offers a unique solution, from the number of books it can hold to the width of those storage spaces.

We design simple book stands, counter top ranges and floor standing spinning designs to suit the retail space you have available. This means that every retailer, no matter how large or small, can sell a great range of books.

Magazine & Newspaper Displays

Displaying newspapers and magazines is an essential part of any small, or large, business. With the fast-paced nature of the news industry, enticing people to buy such goods is essential. Our display stands are essential for any business.

We stock a range of display stands to fit all manner of newspapers and magazines, with counter top designs, floor stands, spinners and wall displays.

Hook Displays

Hook displays are some of the most basic display options; however, they can also be some of the most effective. By letting the product be the main focus, hook display stands allow you to create eye-catching displays for a wide range of products.

Bespoke Display Products

As well as a large range of popular stock, we also design and produce bespoke and innovative solutions to meet our client’s exact requirements. A full range of stock items of standard designs are always available for immediate delivery; however, if you would like to customise our designs then we are available to contact to discuss your requirements.

We offer a selection of our display stand solutions with bespoke options, whether it's more shelves or storage, or a different finish. Please feel free to contact our sales team who can supply you with a no onligation quote or just to discuss your needs.


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