Saving Light Bulbs


Saving Light Bulbs are committed to providing high quality, energy saving light bulbs which will save electricity and contribute towards a greener environment. Saving Light Bulbs branded products are eco friendly and available directly to the public through our website but also through wholesale services to the trade. We work exclusively with quality manufacturers of Compact Fluorescent Lamps- CFL, Halogen and LED technology light bulbs.

 Our energy saving light bulbs will save from 30% for Halogen Bulbs to a massive 90% for the new technology LED bulbs and have lifetimes up to 30000 hours which is 30 times longer than a standard filament light bulb.

We specialise is all type of LEDs but would like to intoduce our new LED GU10 lamp. This is the latest COB technology and one of the brightest LED GU10 bulbs on the market for the wattage.

Take a look at our website or get in touch to migrate to energy saving light bulbs and a sustainable future for the environment.


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