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We make welded bandsaw blades on site for next day delivery. Most popular types are carbon bandsaw blades for cutting of wood, aluminium and plastic products for production and recycling purposes. Then we have M42 bimetal bandsaw blades widely used for metal cutting applications but can also be used with our range of Forestor Sawmills and the smaller models of Pezzolato sawmills. If you are cutting harder materials in the aerospace or defence industries, then our range of carbide tipped band saw blades may well suit. Whatever the product, we can find a solution for you. 

Horizontal bandsaws

We have a huge selections of bandsaws from some well established European manufacturers. We are the UK agents for klaeger Bandsaws from Germany and we are the sole supplier for Alligator metal cutting Bandsaws which is a registered brand to Saws (UK) Ltd. Horizontal bandsaws are used to cut plastics, metals and composite materials ranging from 200mm diameter up to sizes around the 1200mm diameter. We have them in many forms from simple pull down bandsaws, gravity feed band saws, semi automatic bandsaw and fully CNC bandsaws. Most of them can mitre cut by means of swinging the saw frame and not the work piece. Call 0844 880 4951 for further information

Vertical bandsaws

Vertical bandsaws come in many shapes and sizes covering a huge range of industries. We sell Startrite bandsaws for wood cutting applications and some plastic recycling applications, Klaeger bandsaw range for traditional tool rooms, metal fabrication and sheet metal cutting, and then the OPUS bandsaws for bespoke heavy applications such as OTR tyre cutting, deep sea / oil rig / pipeline specials. There is also an E range of vertical bandsaws stocked in the UK. Please see our website for full details

Circular Saws

Comet circular saws is a registered trade mark of Saws UK. They are a high quality range of genuine Italian made steel cutting chop saws and are sold to all types of user throughout the UK. They are manufactured by Fabris in Italy who are a well established company with name associated with quality. We also sell the C315 circular saws which are lighter duty, hi specification machines from Taiwan, together with the range of Pedrazzoli Circular Saws. There is also a range of aluminium circular saws from FOM, Fabris Pedrazzoli and Comet.

Circular saw blades

We stock a large range of pre cut SHSS cold saw blades for use on slow speed machines such as our Comet 315 chop saw. These are used for cutting of mild steel and stainless steel solids or sections. There is also a huge range of Swedish TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) high speed circular blades for cutting of aluminium extrusions or UPVC window products where a fast, clean cut is needed.


Saws UK has built up a huge amount of knowledge and experience with sawmill side of the business. We are the Forestor sawmill and Pezzolato sawmill dealers in the UK and specialise in a wide range of mills ranging from small static sawmills right up to large mobile wideband saw mills with diesel engines and then further to complete bespoke sawmill and pallet line production. Both Forestor and Pezzolato have had a huge input to the sawmill market worldwide, and are 2 of of the best names available. So if you want to plank timber or produce fence posts on an estate or commercially, we have the right sawmill to suit.

Saws UK

Saws (UK) specialise in:
• Metal Cutting Bandsaws, Horizontal Bandsaws, Vertical , Twin Pillar and CNC Bandsaws
• Band saw Blades
• Metal Saws
• Heavy Duty SHSS Chop Saws
• Aluminium TCT Saws

We are UK agents for many bandsaw manufacturers including:

* Klaeger bandsaws
* Anbas
* Fabris
* Pezzolato
* Pilous-TMJ
* Forestor Sawmills
* Doall bandsaws

*Pedrazzoli Saws


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