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Saxon Packaging Limited is one of East Anglia’s leading independent designers and manufacturers of quality corrugated products, cardboard packaging and boxes.

Founded in 1986 our comprehensive and modern manufacturing facility allows us to have a flexible method in producing a wide range of custom made (and standard) cardboard packaging, boxes and other corrugated products.

Beer Packaging

Beer, Craft Beer, Ale, Lager, Cider, Sodas and other variants of our favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks more often than not require some form of packaging.

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with a number of breweries, beverage producers and contract filling companies (both large and small) across the UK supplying a range of beer packaging solutions.

The result of this means we have a richness of understanding and knowledge about product packaging for most formats of your bagged, bottled or canned drinks.

We have been a member of SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers Association) since 2014 and in 2016 received their Supplier Associate of the Year Award for the beer packaging solutions we have supplied to many of its members.

Whether you are sending out bottles by mail-order, selling your cans in a gift pack or transit packaging them to dispatch to a wholesaler, we can offer a variety of packaging solutions (including Bespoke Packaging) to promote and protect your product.

Printing is also available on all the packaging we supply and can be a simple ‘fragile contains glass’ symbol to a full four colour detailed print. You can even add a fragrance burst to gift packaging which means your packaging can smell of your favourite tipple! 

We carry a range of cutting tools to cover the majority of standard can and bottle sizes (330ml / 500ml) so generally there are no expensive set-up costs for your packaging requirement. 

Beer Packaging

Spirits & Gift Packaging

Having already established a strong link with the beer and wine industries, we soon recognised the need to expand our product offering to include not only gift packaging for our existing customer markets, but also to other alcoholic and non-alcoholic markets such as gin, whiskey and other spirits, tonics and sodas.

We now supply high end luxury gift packaging to the drink, food, cosmetic and homeware industries.

Innovation and consideration to your brand are key areas when it comes to developing your gift packaging. At Saxon Packaging we look at your product, bottle type, label positioning, substrate and print finish requirements and ensure that everything is optimised.

Gift packaging comes in many sizes and styles and we are able to offer standard designs, but most popular is our ability to manufacture innovative bespoke packaging and/or work with your own exacting requirements that may be supplied by a design agency.

Working with a variety of materials and print finishes we can brand your packaging to effectively showcase your product and help increase brand awareness.

A range of print processes are available on our spirits and gift packaging, including lithographic printing to give a premium and photographic quality print finish. 

Spirits & Gift Packaging

Wine Packaging

Over the years we at Saxon Packaging have developed an enviable reputation supplying a vast range of standard and bespoke wine and champagne associated packaging.

Supplying individual shops, mail-order companies, wine co-operatives, vineyards and major bottling manufacturers, we have an abundance of knowledge and understanding that allows us to offer a turnkey packaging solutions for your bottled or bagged wine.

Whether you have single or multiple bottles to present as a gift, or transport via a courier, we have tried and tested wine gift packaging and transit packaging designs to ensure the safe shipping and great presentation of your product.

A number of the designs have also been approved by a nationwide courier service to help reduce product breakages during transit.

Printing is available on all of the wine packaging designs we supply. This may be a simple ‘fragile handle with care’, your own company logo which can be colour matched to your corporate colour palette, or an intricate bespoke design promoting your brand and product. For more details on print processes click here.

We hold cutting tools for most wine packaging formats and generally there are no expensive set-up costs.

Wine Packaging

Litho Printed Packaging

With a high percentage of purchasing decisions made in store, growth of high quality and luxury printed packaging continues to increase.

Brand owners are very much aware of the power and quality of litho printed packaging, and how this printing process can result in eye catching photographic quality print, ideal to showcase both their product and brand.

At Saxon Packaging we outsource litho printing to our (approved) trade partners which gives us the flexibility to select the most appropriate press size for your chosen box. Selecting the best press size allows us to offer the most overall cost effective solution for your litho printed packaging requirement.

Using our in house film laminator we can offer different print finishes that provide added durability and premium finishes such as gloss, matt and soft-touch. Further embellishments can be made by adding specialist varnishes and block-foiling to provide the most premium of appearances. For more detail on print finishes click here.

This litho printed, film laminated sheet is then mounted in house using our litho laminator to the base substrate (such as E, B, EB corrugated board or solid board materials) before it is transferred to the die-cutting and gluing stations.

By having control and extensive knowledge of the process involved we are able to provide you luxury and high quality litho printed packaging at the most competitive rates.

Litho Printed Packaging

Flexo Printed Packaging

For the more basic design requirements flexo printed packaging is the ideal choice, often used for simple print requirements such as company name, address and contact details or ‘FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE’ and ‘THIS WAY UP’ messaging, but it can also produce great print quality. Click here to find out more about the flexo printing processes.

The flexo printing effect also provides a quality finish similar to lithographic printed packaging, having an almost ‘photograph’ finish on your corrugated packaging.

Flexo Printed Packaging

Silk Screen Printed Packaging

Silk screen printed packaging is predominantly seen when lower volumes of high quality and detailed packaging design is required. Click here to find out more about the silk screen printing process.

At Saxon Packaging we have worked on many projects where silk screen printing is the most economical and recommended printing process for that customers’ requirement, there are also many projects where lithographic printing has been better suited saving the customer money.

We also use silk screen printing to provide a number of print finishes such as matt, gloss, glitter, pearlescent, fragrance burst, glow in the dark, textured, rough and silk varnishes and coatings.

Decorative finishes are a well-established way of enhancing the perceived value of a product that is carried in packaging. Traditionally used across markets such as cosmetics, healthcare, champagne, spirits, gifts and confectionery, print finishes are a proven way to demonstrate brand worth and product value. Click here to find out more about available print finishes.

Silk Screen Printed Packaging

Boxes, Cases & Cartons

We all seem to call them different things, but most standard FEFCO recognised cardboard boxes, cases and cartons can be manufactured by Saxon Packaging to any required quantity and to a high quality.

Our packaging print finishes also enable us to transform standard packaging to help promote the brand and product. Customers can choose from a range of print processes including 3 colour standard flexo post print, high quality post print (HQPP) up to five colours with high gloss varnishes and up to five colours pre-print. All of these print processes can go a long way in transforming your customer’s, and your own, perception of a standard cardboard box. 

In addition to print we can add hand holes, punched vents and shelf ready perforations to give individuality to your packaging and ensure that it stands out from the crowd.

Hot melt and PVA glue joins or wire stitched – choose or be guided on the appropriate closure method to suit the size of carton and application.

Boxes, Cases & Cartons

Die Cut Packaging

If you are looking for boxes with complex designs, unusual shapes and styles such as cases, cartons and fittings, then die cut packaging is your solution. Pick from a wide range of standard box styles included in the FEFCO guide, or have your packaging designed bespoke to your needs by our Saxon Packaging in house design team.

Die cut packaging can have a multitude of print finishes and can be printed using a range of processes including silk screen, flexo and litho, and can also be glued, stitched or left un-joined. Our experienced team are able to assist when undertaking a new project, or when you require changes to existing packaging lines.

They will take into consideration machine performance and limitations to ensure we optimise the most economical and effective box style that can be produced, whilst still offering a pack that provides consistent and reliable performance.

Die Cut Packaging

Material Grades

Corrugated board is available in many different material grades with varying paper weights and finishes. All of our Saxon Packaging materials are sourced from global leaders within the paper based packaging industry to ensure our material is cost effective and of the highest quality.

Standard finishes include KRAFT (brown) white and mottled/oyster, LT (recycled paper) and TEST (recycled inner liner). White papers can be coated to provide superior substrate for greater print quality.

Standard paper thickness start at 125gsm (grams per square metre) and increase to 150gsm, 200gsm and 300gsm. Different flute weights are also available and depend on the strength of material required.

Standard flute profiles that we work with are Micro, E, S, B, C, BC and EB.

Material Grades

Packaging Designs & Artwork

At Saxon Packaging we use the very latest KASEMAKE packaging design software and hardware. Our in-house design team use two cutting tables and ensure designs and samples for our customers are produced both quickly and accurately.

We are able to offer our design service when undertaking a new project or when changes to an existing packaging design is required. We take into consideration machine limitations and ensure we optimise for the most economical and effective solution available for our customers, whilst still providing a packaging solution that gives a consistent and reliable performance.

The 3D functionality within the KASEMAKE allows us to fold the design on screen for the following purposes:

  • Artwork check – By importing customers artwork onto the design itself and then folding the structure, we are able to check that the artwork supplied matches the design correctly, is in the correct orientation and that images appear on the correct panels.
  • Finished product view – High resolution 3D still can be created to give the customer an understanding of how the finished product will look. Animations can also be recorded to see the design folding.

The KAESMAKE software enables us to ensure the whole design process is simple, quick and accurate. Combine this with our FREE packaging audit service (available to new and existing customers) we can provide a total review and evaluation of your existing packaging.

Using the latest Adobe artwork software we also work with design studios of your choice and are able to provide finished print layouts for approval prior to printing.

Packaging Designs & Artwork

Packaging Audit

Amalgamating experience and technical knowledge with the latest design technology, at Saxon Packaging we offer a FREE no obligation evaluation of your existing packaging.

This FREE evaluation aims to look at areas where packaging costs can be reduced, less material can be used and less storage space is required.

We achieve this by working with you, understanding the finer detail of your business and analysing your overall packaging and distribution process. Packaging costs can spiral as they move through the supply chain, from raw material to converted product, finished goods to transportation, storage and distribution. However, we want to help minimise your total packaging cost and make your business more profitable and successful.

What areas do we look at when we conduct a packaging audit?

  • Performance packaging – Evaluating your packaging and its required performance levels.
  • Packing line efficiencies – Working with your production team we look at box styles and ease of packing to ensure time associated costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Pack minimalism – Looking at various box sizes and styles currently used, and if these can be reduced to help create more warehouse space and use less material.
Packaging Audit

Project Management

As well as providing great print quality and bespoke designed packaging, we are also able to offer a range of print finishes to further help your product and brand stand apart from the rest.

Available print finishes include:

  • Foil blocking – These finishes can provide the ultimate in decorative appeal. They are not limited to golds and silvers but extend to an impressive range of pigmented, holographic and security foils. They can also be embossed or textured to produce varying tactile effects which will enhance your logo or image that is being portrayed.
  • Specialist varnishes & coatings – Including matt, gloss, glitter, pearlescent, fragrance burst, glow in the dark, textured, rough and silk.
  • Film laminates – Including matt, gloss, silk, soft touch, anti-scuff (gloss and matt), thermal (for direct food contact), linen, holographic and leather.

For the extra wow factor we also offer:

  • The Color-Logic process metallic printing system looks stunning on materials such as Mirri foil board. This technique allows us to produce up to 250 different metallic colours out of 4 colour process ink at a fraction of the cost of separate metallics. The Color-Logic software enables us to create targeted spot white ink artwork which sits behind images to produce fantastic eye-catching results, leaving the metallic properties of the foil board to shine through and really catch the light.
  • ‘Dew Drop’ spot gloss and texture UV varnish – One of our chosen trade partner’s (Oriel Press) specialist finishes, the ‘Dew Drop’ spot gloss and textured UV varnish is a value-added coating option that gives a one pass solution for spot gloss UV lacquer leaving selected areas with a reticulation matt textured finish.
Project Management

Lithographic Laminating

Laminating is the process of gluing a litho printed sheet to corrugated board prior to die cutting and processing it into a high end luxury box. Click here to find out more about litho printed packaging.

Using our in house Lamina Blackline 1620 FA 1600/800 we are able to provide sheet to sheet laminating of paper and cardboard to cardboard, solid and corrugated. We can laminate to a multitude of materials including F, E, S, B, C, NE, FE, EB and BC flute grades with an accuracy of <+/-0.5mm subject to material properties.

Technical Specification:

  • Max: 1600 x 2000mm (print sheet)
  • Min: 350 x 350mm (print sheet)
  • Top sheet: 130 – 450gsm
  • Bottom sheet: 0.6 – 10mm
Lithographic Laminating

Film Lamination

Film lamination has long been one of the most popular and cost effective methods in the packaging industry providing durability, high gloss, scuff resistance and crack prevention. As well as these advantages to the packaging quality, film lamination can also be used to enhance packaging using a range of finishes including silk, matt, soft touch, gloss and anti-scuff 

A simple process bonding a thin transparent film to the surface of the press sheet or other substrate using one of two methods; thermal lamination and wet lamination.

At Saxon Packaging we are able to provide polypropylene film lamination to a range of corrugated board material in-house using our Paperplast Dry 70 Thermal Film Laminator. Thermal lamination uses 200 – 300 degree heat to meld the film and substrate, and the film we use is either 22 or 27 microns in thickness.

Film lamination can be done in conjunction with foiling (pre-lamination) and die cutting, scoring, embossing and debossing as well as several other finishes (all post lamination). 

In addition to our in-house film lamination capabilities we are also able to offer sheet to sheet laminating, die cutting and gluing. By having the ability to carry out these processes in-house we are able to reduce lead time and costs to our customers.

In our experience, great quality and stand out packaging can be created by choosing a lithographic printbespoke packaging design and film lamination.

Film Lamination
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