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Since 2000, we have been providing our clients with safe, cost-efficient civil engineering surveyors nationwide. We have a great deal of experience in civil engineering and building and are committed to hard work and honesty.

Our unrivaled surveyors and engineers use Leica total stations, Leica G.P.S. equipment, GPS surveying, Topographic survey, LSS and CAD packages to give you the results you are looking for in the time scales and to the budget you are trying to achieve. Our operatives all carry CSCS passports as a minimum to help them work to your site rules.


3D Topographical Surveys

We can provide 3D topographical surveys, up to and including GPS surveys with less than one metre accuracy. These surveys can be produced in digital CAD format, or in requested mediums such as CAD, PDF, data, electronic, and paper.

The 3D topographical surveys allow our clients to have:

  • Dimensional control on site to allow accurate construction of the desired products
  • Survey and setting out instrumentation
3D Topographical Surveys

Our Clients

Please find some examples of clients ranging back to 2007 to present:

  • Morrisson Utility Services Ltd
  • Kier (Western) Ltd
  • Midas Construction
  • Pollard & Sons Builders
  • John Luffman Trading
  • Ford Brothers Civil Engineering Ltd

To view our more in-depth overview of recent clients, please visit our website.

Our Clients

Instruments and Software

We will provide your site with all set out requirements or just establish control to you site. We provide the equipment and experienced day to day supervision or control lines and datum’s, to allow your site staff to carry out their processes, and then returning to check accuracy at a later time. We can even call to site at regular intervals to re establish lines or update information as the works progress.

We have a wide profile of instruments and software:

  • TCR 407
  • T.P.S 900
  • Rugby 100 Laser Level
  • CST Beeger Auto Level
  • L.S.S
  • Auto Cad
  • Microsoft Packages

For more information on instruments and software

Instruments and Software

SBK Engineering Ltd Services

Using Leica Smart net RTK GPS equipment enables us to provide our clients with the information to meet their contractual needs. GPS enables us to provide quick and accurate control to sometimes difficult locations. Once OS control is located it is a simple matter of obtaining local control to your desired specification.

SBK Engineering Ltd Services

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