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Here at Scantron Industrial Products, we specialise in the supply of non-contact profilometry and laser profiling systems for use in Proscan offline applications. We have over three decades of experience in Proscan offline and in-process application systems and work in a wide range of industries including:

  • Steel and metals
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Dental research
  • Aerospace
  • Defence

Proscan Online

Our Proscan online products are versatile and adaptable non-contact measuring systems designed to measure thickness and width in an on-line capacity. Our range of Proscan online products include:

  • Proscan MasterTrak
  • Proscan ChannelTrack
  • Master Trak 1
  • Master Trak 2
  • Master Trak 4

Laser Micrometers

We supply high quality laser micrometers for the precise measurement of product diameter. Our non contact laser micrometers include single and dual axis systems suitable for inspecting shafts, bars, square products and parts machined by NC lathes.

Displacement and Distance Sensors

We stock an impressive collection of displacement and distance sensors. Our displacement and distance sensors come in compact housings and each will measure a wide variety of ranges to suit your requirements.

Laser Speed and Length

Our laser speed and length measurement solutions will accurately measure length and velocity without contact. Our laser speed and length solutions are very simple to use and will measure to +/- 0,05 % accuracy have programmable dDgital/Analigue outputs as well as standard communication protocols such as RS232, RS485, RS422, Ethernet, DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus, ProfiNet, Industrial Protocol, SSI and Quadrature.


We provide a variety of on and off line measurement software suitable for analysis and measurement requirements. Our software includes:

  • Scan Software - Automated thick film/paste analysts software
  • Masterline Software - Software for online product length measurement
  • Mastertrak Software - Software for non contact thickness and width control
  • Mastertrak XS - On-line non contact thickness cross section measurement
  • Pri-Form Software - Wear analysis software
  • Proscan Software -  3D surface profilometry software

Line Lasers

Our line lasers provide non-contact alignment solutions. We provide high quality line lasers for heavy duty industrial applications with beams to suit the application. Our range includes:

  • FC series laser
  • HD series laser
  • LD series laser
  • PD series laser
  • PY series laser
  • RD series laser
  • UD series laser
  • Ultraline series laser

Non Contact Measurement Service

We provide a non contact measurement service where we measure your components and produce a report with 3D print outs and CSV files of the measurements. Our non contact measurement service CSV files can be viewed in many other software applications, for further analysis.

Ex-Demo Equipment

We offer a range of ex-demo equipment including refurbished sensors and systems. Contact us for more information on our ex-demo equipment.

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