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We provide a range of lawn care attachments for garden tractors to make lawn care even easier. Our varieties of systems suit all budgets and include standard kits and professional kits.

Our lawn care attachments for garden tractors can be used with own lawn collectors and sweepers to perfect you lawn even more. Our products can also help to customise your Aerator, slitter, dethatcher, roller, brush, moss rake, levelling lute, and sorrel roller.


We have towed sprayers and push along sprayers available ranging in capacity from 25 litres to 180 litres.

Some models or sprayers come with spray covers, dribble bar, telescopic lance, and foam markers. We promise we can find a sprayer for just about every requirement, including an ATV/Quad mounted sprayer. Visit our website to find our more and look at high quality broadcasters and spreaders too.

Trailers, Carts And Trolleys

Our trailers, carts and trolleys range from medium sized garden carts and trolleys, to our hydraulic tipping trailers, and everything in between.

The trailers, carts and trolleys range includes plastic bodied trailers, galvanised trailers and timber tipping trailers. Can’t see what you want? Never fear, we are renowned for our superior custom build service.

Waterers - Towed, Pushed and Mounted

Our hanging basket waterers - towed, pushed and mounted are one of our most popular products. We have a diversity of basket waterers in towed, pushed and mounted variants to suit a variety of watering needs.

The trolley-mounted waterer is our favourite, but we also offer electric powered waterers, towed water units and skid mounted waterers.

Equestrian - Paddock and Pasture Machinery

Our equestrian - paddock and pasture machinery include pooh collectors, chain harrows and arena and manage maintenance units. These products will all keep your paddocks and pastures and animal drinking carts in excellent condition and help keep your horses happy.

As well as equestrian machinery, we also supply people carriers used by country and shooting estates as well as a range of sports surface equipment.

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