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We have a 125 year rich engineering heritage used to deliver state of the art technology and advanced solutions for balancing machines and diagnostic systems. These services and solutions cover the Smart Balancer - the machine for operational balancing solutions and horizontal balancing machines - for rotors with their own shaft pivot solutions.

Further products include:

  • Vertical balancing machines - for rotors without their own shaft pivot solutions
  •  Balancing machines for crankshafts
  • AB-Comfort - the cost-conscious solution for electric armatures solutions
  •  XHGW - Universal – propeller shaft balancing machines
  •  Propeller shaft balancing machines
  • Turbo-charger core assembly balancing solutions

Dynamic Balancing Machines

We provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of dynamic balancing machines. This includes solutions for products such as vertical balancing machines.

Further dynamic balancing machines include:

  • SmartBalancer
  • Horizontal balancing machines
  • Balancing machines for crankshafts
Dynamic Balancing Machines

Dynamic Balancing and Diagnostic Systems

Every rotating component, be it a dental drill, a crankshaft or a turbine in a power station, needs to be balanced. Schenck offers a comprehensive range of products for dynamic balancing, rotating and reciprocating components and sub-assemblies - ranging from light weight miniature rotors weighing only a few grams to heavy weight rotors such as a steam turbine rotor weighing 400 t . Schenck RoTec GmbH is a subsidiary of DÜRR AG, a globally operating, top ranking supplier based in Stuttgart, Germany and leading manufacturer of balancing machines and diagnostic systems.

Products & Services

  • Manual balancing machines
  • Semi-automatic balancing machines
  • Automatic balancing machines
  • Diagnostic systems
  • Dynamic Balancing service
  • Field balancing
  • Calibration service
  • Consulting
  • Seminars


  1. Automobile and first tier supplier industry
  2. Electrical industry
  3. Aviation and space industry
  4. General industry
  5. Power generation

Dynamic Balancing Machines for Turbocharger Core Assemblies (110 MBRS)

In this single unit balancing machine design, all components are combined in one rugged housing. Therefore the machine requires very little floor space for installation. The middle part of the machine accommodates the balancing unit with assembly adapter, surrounded by an enclosure to protect the operator in the even of the bursting of the rotor.

Dynamic Balancing Machines for Turbocharger Core Assemblies (110 MBRS)

Pasio series - Horizontal balancing machines for rotors between 5 and 50 kg

The PASIO series from Schenck heralds a new generation of compact balancing machines, in which many of our visions have been realised. The Pasio series enables accurate balancing of a wide range of rotors. Cylindrical rotors with their own shaft journals as well as disc type rotors with intermediate shafts can be balanced simply and accurately. The rotor can weigh up to 50 kg, with a diameter up to 600 mm and a length up to 1100 mm.

Pasio series - Horizontal balancing machines for rotors between 5 and 50 kg

Virio series - Vertical balancing machines for rotors up to 300 kg

The VIRIO enables the balancing of a wide range of disc shaped rotors, such as brake discs, torsional vibration dampers, flanges, compressors, fans, segmented grinders, pumps, wheel hubs, lawn mower blades, pulleys, grinding wheels, flywheels, clutch components, gear wheels, chaff rotors, railroad wheels, aircraft tyres and propellers.

Virio series - Vertical balancing machines for rotors up to 300 kg

Dynamic Balancing Machines for Drive Shafts (HGW)

Horizontal, hard bearing balancing machines series HGW are designed especially for low and high speed balancing of drive shafts. A modular design provides flexibility to change or add components for other balancing tasks such as balancing electric armatures, drums, etc.

Dynamic Balancing Machines for Drive Shafts (HGW)

Ceno - Crankshaft balancing machine

The CENO is a compact automatic balancing machine for small and medium-sized crankshafts up to a maximum weight of 20 Kg. By means of standardised interfaces, it can easily be integrated into customers’ loading and unloading devices – even as a retrofit. For smaller numbers of parts, the overall concept allows the CENO to be loaded manually without any restrictions.

Ceno - Crankshaft balancing machine

Wheel assembly lines (130 TBUR)

Automatic assembly and inflation of tubeless tyres in normal, low profile or super low profile type with steel or aluminium rims of various dimensions in batches or in mixed sequence.

Linking of the line, for example, with a preceding valve insertion station and a following wheel balancing machine. Alternatively other assembly and inflation lines for tubed tyres or a mixed operation of tubeless/tubed tyres are also available.

Wheel assembly lines (130 TBUR)

Dynamic Balancing machines for drive shafts (RBRQ200x)

Machine design is ideally suited for balancing vehicle drive shafts. Measurement and correction of unbalance in single and multi-piece drive shafts of passenger vehicles, light and heavy duty commercial vehicles. Balancing and correction capacity for manufacturing, testing and inspection at vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers plants.

Dynamic Balancing machines for drive shafts (RBRQ200x)

Transfer balancing machines for wound armatures (460 KBTU)

Six station machine with fully automatic sequence of operations. Station to station transfer and integration with peripheral equipment through integrated rotary transport. Work pieces can be delivered to the machine by conveyor or pallet.

Measurement and correction of unbalance of armatures of various sizes. Use of the machine in production lines for very high production volumes. Unbalance correction by milling into the stack (profile/slot milling) in one or two planes.

Transfer balancing machines for wound armatures (460 KBTU)

HL series - Horizontal balancing machines for the aircraft industry

Force-measuring, horizontal dynamic balancing machine with permanent calibration and manual operation.

The machine corresponds to SAE machine classification according to SAE ARP 4048: Rotor support in saddle bearings, micr oprocessor controlled measuring unit and optional protective enclosure (protection class B or C) are specifically designed for the balancing tasks of the aircraft industry. They are equipped with end and/or belt drive systems. A large range of accessories is available for expanded range of tasks.

DH series - High speed dynamic balancing and overspeed test facility

For more than 40 years Schenck RoTec has been engaged in the development and design of special high-speed dynamic balancing machines for heavy turbine and generator rotors as well as for high-speed compressors of steam and gas turbines.

 DH bearing pedestals are designed for the following applications:

  • Low speed dynamic balancing
  • Checking of rotor balance at high speeds (operational speed)
  • Dynamic straightening of flexible rotors
  • Testing of material strength by operating rotors at overspeed
  • Rotor investigation in operational bearings

Consulting - Putting theory into practice: Prototypes on the test rig

The moment of truth comes, when the first physical example of your design work is finally complete. Will your assumptions, ideas and calculations turn out to be correct? Will your prototype behave as expected, or will you have to improve certain details?
In our test shop, we can analyse how your rotor or assembly will behave in actual operation. We will provide all the data you need for a comprehensive assessment of your prototype. We will measure and analyse unbalance, eliminate it and conduct a detailed analysis of vibrations, if so desired. These tests will provide valuable information for design and production.

Dynamic Balancing service

This service is ideal if the right balancing machine for a specific job is not available in your company, or if the low quantities involved render the purchase of a balancing machine economically inefficient.

Our dynamic balancing service can also help in research and development when it comes to balancing new rotors or assemblies. Benefit from our vast experience and extensive resources. We will help you to save cost and valuable time.

Field balancing and vibration analysis

The SmartBalancer is a handy instrument for balancing installed rotors fast, accurately and inexpensively without disassembling machines. You can correct rotors of practically any size or weight on one and two levels (i.e., statically and dynamically).

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