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Unbalanced rotating equipment causes vibration, loss of accuracy, excessive wear and increased running costs. To overcome these problems, Schmitt Europe ( provides a one-stop shop for advanced balancing solutions.

• External & internal grinding wheel balancers
• Portable balancers
• Semi-automatic balancers
• Hydrokompenser fluid-filled balancers
• Acoustic Emissions Monitoring Systems (AEMS)

Schmitt systems keep precision rotating devices, such as grinding wheels, fans and turbines, operating at optimum efficiency, increasing productivity and saving costs.

Our SBS grinding wheel balancing system: 

• Extends grinding wheel life
• Reduces vibration & machine wear
• Extends periods between wheel dressing
• Reduces chatter
• Improves accuracy
• Reduces set-up time

Schmitt also provides “Acuity” laser measurement sensors used in a wide range of industrial applications including steel casting, paper production, medical imaging, automotive and semiconductor handling equipment.

• Laser distance measurement sensors
• Light scatter & surface roughness laser measurement sensors

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