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SchuF Fetterolf designs and manufactures industrial valves. These include control valves, isolation valves, diverter or switching valves, and sampling valves for gases, liquids, slurries or powders. Our range of industrial valves are ideal for general or severe service conditions found in the chemical, petrochemical, polymer, oil, gas, refining and offshore industries. SchuF stands for - Precision Valve Engineering

Line Blind Valves

SchuF Fetterolf design and manufacture a fast, easy to use and safety conscious Line Blind valve range. Line blind valves are often referred to as spectacle blinds, figure of eights, or line blinding systems.

Key Characteristics of the Fetterolf Line Blind Valve - Cam-Set

  • Absolute positive Shut-Off
  • No spreading of pipe required
  • Seal unaffected by piping misalignment
  • Simple, one man, spectacle changing from one side of the line
  • Carbon steel or 316 Sst. as standard, most alloys also available
  • Special anti corrosive coatings such as epoxy, polyurethane and Sermetel ceramic

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Line Blind Valves

Control Valves

SchuF control valves are designed to control flow, level, temperature or pressure within a vessel, pipeline or process. SchuF control valves are used in the refinery, petrochemical, polymer, mineral processing and power industries.

SchuF has developed over 20,000 special control valves. Each has its own specific characteristics tailored to the process control elements that are most important for it. Some of their generic characteristic include:

Characteristics of SchuF Control Valves

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  • Proprietary Cv sizing for 3 phase flow
  • Continuous acceleration body design moves flashing from the body into the vessel, preventing cavitation as well as deposits in the valve
  • Integral plug and stem
  • Control characteristics optimisation using the SchuF Bell x³ Control Valve Curve (linear and equal % also available)
  • Dead space free control
  • Unique patented spindle protector
  • Choice of inlet angle, 90, 45, or 60 degrees
Control Valves

Bottom Outlet Drain Valve

SchuF is the inventor of the Piston Bottom Outlet Valve (Patent received in 1926). They are most commonly used to quickly drain or inject media into or out of vessels, tanks or reactors. Bottom outlet valves are often referred to as tank drain valves, flush bottom outlet valves, or simply as drain valves.

Characteristics of SchuF Bottom Outlet Drain Valves

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  • All valves have full nominal bore
  • Available with 45°, 60°, or 90 degree outlet angle in the body
  • Modular design
  • Sealing to atmosphere always with adjustable loaded stuffing box
  • Valves have exchangeable seats
  • LeakTight © Sealing due to special SchuF process of manufacturing
  • A flushing connection is provided as standard
  • Available with either Radial or metal to metal seal


Bottom Outlet Drain Valve

Diverter Valves

SchuF designs and manufactures advanced dead and slow space free diverter valves for switching critical processes and difficult media. Diverter valves are often referred to as Switching valves, multiport and multiway valves.

Key Characteristics of SchuF Diverter Valves

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  • 3,4,5,6 Way Diverter Valve options (or more on request)
  • Dead space free diverter valve
  • Positive Sealing
  • Replaces "T-Piece and ball valve combinations" for better end product and higher plant efficiency
  • Weld end, flange or hub connections
  • Available with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuation
  • be combined with Smart Positioners, Jacketing, and Automated Control Panel (ACP)
Diverter Valves

Y-Globe Isolation Valves

Y Globe isolation valves offer the perfect compromise between flow and sealing requirements. The flow control characteristics are much better than a globe valve, while the zero leakage sealing performance far excel that of a ball valve. SchuF Fetterolf Globe valves have the following characteristics:

  • Suitable for ASME pressure rating of 2500# or high vacuum
  • Available with a disc or piston plug
  • Dead space free
  • Extremely low leakage to atmosphere options (with stuffing box or bellow seal to atmosphere)
  • High Vacuum version features a completely enclosed yoke

SchuF offers both a traditional Y-Globe valve as well as the high Cv, low delta P design of the Straightway valve. For more information:

Y-Globe Isolation Valves

Automatic Recirculation Valve

The SchuF automatic recirculation valve is a unique design whose performance has been perfected through simulation and research and development with several universities.

Minimum Flow or Automatic Recirculation Valves automatically protect centrifugal pumps during low load operation. As the pump's load drops below a preset flow rate, the valve's disc moves towards it's seat and causes the bypass bush to open a bypass flow path. The pump minimum flow rate is thus reached and maintained.

Advantages of the SchuF Automatic Recirculation Valve
- Compact, tried and tested design
- Combines both check and bypass features
- Proprietary Cv calculation system
- Minimum flow protection
- No external actuation required
- 3 Phase Slurry and High pressure variants available

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Automatic Recirculation Valve
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